Jean Bourget Spring & Summer 2009

We are excited to announce one of the newest members of our growing family of designers, Jean Bourget. Jean Bourget spring 2009 is the best collection we have ever seen. We were enchanted by the numerous looks throughout collection, from soft and feminine to trendy chic Jean Bourget delivers the look for 2009.

I have long been a fan of Jean Bourget and am delighted to have added this fine line to our store this year. If you are not familiar with the brand I encourage you to try it. Warning: highly addictive!

Want to know a bit more about this fabulous designer and why so many people are devoted fans? From the company: “JEAN BOURGET deviates noble materials, creates original combinations to create everyday luxury for our children. Jean Bourget is a style, a quality and originality. It is also ultra-chic sportswear, developing a rich yet understated designer style. Pinching codes from adults, Jean Bourget B reinvents new collections for Jean Bourget and summons up the imagination” Jean Bourget is all about setting the trend, the new looks, season after season. Girls love the comfort and flexibility of the line. The ease of mix and match throughout each group enables girls to create their own unique looks and combinations time and time again. For older girls this is especially important as they tred their own path in fashion.

With a range for 0 to 14 year olds, Jean Bourget is present in over 2000 stores and specialist boutiques worldwide. Jean Bourget has designed garments for the past 60 years and produces 300 new styles per season. Jean Bourget is ” the power of imagination” played out in amazing fabrics and concepts.
Here at Everything But The Princess we are committed to bringing you fine fashions from around the globe and will continue to keep our finger on the pulse of children’s fashion.

This season we added many new brands and will continue to do so even more so next season. We are also expanding our tween styles to size 12. We hope next season to bring you even more fun and appropriate clothing for this hard to dress size range. If your looking for fashions in the size 10 and 12 range we encourage you to look not only at Jean Bourget but Catimini, Room Seven, 3 Pommes, Jottum, Luna Luna, Chipie, Deux Par Deux, Biscotti and Pampolina. All offer some incredible pieces in these tween clothing sizes.

We offer 3 separate groups for girls sizing 4-12. Each with its own unique personality, there’s surely something for every girl. From the fun playful nature of the casual kids collection, to soft romantic florals in Authentique group, to the totally trendsetting edition limitee- your girls will love it all!

We also offer a lovely selection of Jean Bourget for toddlers. We had so much fun picking out the adorable pieces for the little girls. I love the tiny attitude collection with its fun veggie inspired theme. Its quite captivating in person and as you can see I couldn’t bare to leave a piece behind! The tiny casual group was fun to layer and play with and we think these will be some of your most treasured sets, they are so sweet. Last but certainly not least the soft, floral tiny authentic group will get you ooh’s and ahh’s everywhere she goes.

Enjoy looking through our 2009 Jean Bourget preorders. Be sure to check out our new spring 2009 arrivals and preselections for all your favorite European designers. As always we are a phone call or email away and happy to assist you.
Everything But The Princess

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