Valentine’s Day Gifts for Little Girls

Valentine’s Day has become a perfect opportunity to tell all the people in your life that you love them.  Why not send a small gift to all the special little girls in your life? has a darling selection of cute Valentine’s Day tokens that she’s sure to love!  Plus, there will be Valentine’s Day parties to attend.  Why not dress for the occasion?  It makes it so much more fun!

I’m particularly fond of Fizzy Baker for little tokens that are cute, unique and inexpensive, so you can send one to all the people you care about-young and old!  Why do I like Fizzy Baker so much?  They don’t make clutter or trash, don’t have any calories, and are cheerful and fun to use!  Fizzy Baker makes the sweetest bath bomb cupcakes, with amazing detail – so like a real cupcake that you’ll want to take a bite.  Fizzy Baker doesn’t cut any corners, making every little tiny detail from fruit and sprinkles to cake & frosting look exactly like the real thing.

Oopsy Daisy Baby Valentine Pettiskirts Our favorite pettiskirt designers have each gone in beautiful new directions, with fresh styles that are beautifully fashionable and perfect for your Valentine Party! Take a peek at Oopsy Daisy Baby’s darling dots, with rosette tank tops and plenty of fluff. Kaiya Eve adds lace and gorgeous color combinations, like this pink and red lace mini skirt shown here on the right.



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