Pretty Pettiskirts

Ruffles, ruffles everywhere! Pettiskirts are a modern day spin on petticoats. A much cuter one, in fact! Pettiskirts are perfect for photo shoots, special occasions and pageants, and even every day fun wear.

Photo Shoots: Capture your newborns first moments in a pettiskirt for a sweet memory that will last a life time. Kaiya Eve has a wonderful Newborn Baby Gift Set that includes both a darling pettiskirt, as well as a onesie with several precious ruffles and the phrase, “I’m An Original” on it.

Pair the pettiskirt with a matching headband (try one from Screaming Beauty or Mud Pie’s Flower Headband) for baby’s first pictures. The onesie is perfect for everyday wear as you welcome several visitors into your house during your baby’s first weeks. This set is also perfect for a baby shower gift. Just be aware that others will definitely envy this adorable package.

Oopsy Daisy also has newborn pettiskirts available in four different colors. The pettiskirt looks adorable poufed out as the baby sleeps on stomach as shown by Oopsy Daisy.

Special Occasions: Kaiya Eve offers several pettiskirts that offer a formal look to them. This Teal & Black Lace Mini Pettiskirt paired with a black shirt and an optional cardigan or jacket would make a perfect outfit for special dinners or holiday gatherings.

Kaiya Eve’s White Pettiskirt is an excellent choice for weddings.

Pageants/Shows: Pettiskirts are a great choice for little girl pageants and other types of shows/ceremonies. Infants and little girls look adorable in all ruffle outfits, like the Kaiya Eve Black Ruffle Top paired with a pettiskirt. Pair this with a Screaming Beauty Headband and you have the perfect pageant look.

For a little bit older girls and tweens, pettiskirts are also a great choice for pageant wear. They can choose to dress it up, or dress it down showing their personality like the model wearing the Kaiya Eve Cream Pettiskirt has done.

Just for Fun: No matter what day it is, dressing up is fun! For everyday cuteness try Oopsy Daisy’s Black and Raspberry Zebra Pettiskirt or Kaiya Eve’s Red and Pink Mini Pettiskirt.

Even better, get matching pettiskirts for your daughter and her doll for a look she will always want to wear.

When you need inspirations for one of a kind photographs or just want something special for a special occasions, try a pettiskirt. They come in a variety of colors and patterns that it is easy to pick one that is just right for your need. Don’t forget that pettiskirts are perfect for an extra dose of girly girl no matter what day it is, so let your daughter express her girliness whenever she desires with a sweet mini pettiskirt.


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