Introducing Monkey Bar Buddies!

Recess is something that everyone looks forward to at school. Once that recess bell rings, it is a race to the monkey bars and swings. There is an unseen enemy to recess, though.

That enemy is skirts and dresses.

While girls look adorable in their skirts an dresses at school, they can be problem-some once recess rolls around. Swinging and monkey bars are off-limits for girls who wear skirts because they might risk the embarrassment of others seeing their underwear.

Luckily, there is an easy solution for this. Monkey Bar Buddies are the perfect length for coverage underneath skirts and dresses. They save a lot of hassle and embarrassment. Monkey Bar Buddies also come in six different colors – so coordinating the shorts with the dresses and skirts is effortless. Unlike other shorts, Monkey Bar Buddies are specially designed not to bunch or look bulky under dresses.

Wear Monkey Bar Buddies under athletic shorts! P.E. and sport shorts tend to be baggy. With the help of Monkey Bar Buddies, you don’t have to worry about anything showing! Monkey Bar Buddies are also perfect to wear over leotards and dance tights.

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