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Deux Par Deux Fall & Winter Preview

Deux Par Deux is  funky Canadian fashion line that strives to bring kids one thing – FUN! Deux Par Deux holds nothing back with their upcoming fashion line. They mix bright colors with cute designs. Order yours today and pay only half upfront with the code PREORDER. Fall fashion made easy. U.S. orders get their shipping free with coupon code FALLFREE.

Deux Par Deux Anisi Front Stripe Cardigan – This charming cardigan is a fun choice for fall. The rich colors will be fashionable all season long, while this knitted cardigan has that sweet homemade feel to it.

Pair the Anisi Cardigan with the matching Deux Par Deux Anisi Font Plaid Skirt for a classic fall look. The cute orange bow on the skirt matches the cardigan perfectly, but will also look darling with a pink, orange, or white blouse or tee. The cardigan will also look cute with jeans or corduroys. You can also jazz up a plain dress with the colorful cardigan.

Complete the Anisi look with the orange Deux Par Deux Anisi Font Dotted Tights or the pink Deux Par Deux Anisi Font Flower Tights. These cute tights go well with the Anisi collection, but can also be paired with any neutral- colored outfit for an extra pop. Not only do these tights look adorable but they also provide

extra warmth for the mornings at school. Pack a pair of Monkey Bar shorts in your princesses’ bag so she can switch out the tights for shorts if the weather warms up.

This Deux Par Deux Little Bohemian Girl Tee makes for an adorable shirt. The little girl character on the front of this shirt brings a Dutch-inspired look to the tee. How can your little girl not have a good day with such a delightful design?

Let your little one have a funky moment of their own with the Deux Par Deux Funky Moment Red Knit Dress. This cute dress has unexpected surprises all over. The red color is a great choice for fall or holiday seasons. The rainbow striped ruffles are playful and keep this dress from being too fancy – making it a fun choice for playtime or cute photography sessions.  The swirled leaf and flower pattern is also a fun little touch to this funky dress.

Deux Par Deux Casse Noisette Red Knitted Cardigan just looks adorable with the strips of gray and polka-dots and the joining heart closures. Let this cute piece inspire a special photo session for Valentines Day. Of course, the gray accents make this piece perfect to wear all year round.

Don’t forget to top off the cuteness with Deux Par Deux’s multitude of charming hats. Not only will these hats keep your little one warm when the chilly weather comes, but they are a great addition to any outfit. The brilliant designers of Deux Par Deux coordinated several hats to match perfectly with their other outfits – talk about effortless fashion! The hats are cute enough to add a dash of sweetness to any outfit. Try the Casse Noisette Knitted Hat,the  Deux Par Deux College Girl Knitted Cap, or the Deux Par Deux Ainsi Font Corduroy Cap on for size.

Deux Par Deux has a huge upcoming Fall and Winter line. All of the pieces are too cute for words. There are so many pieces perfect for the special holidays your family celebrates throughout the year. Their pieces inspire thoughts of the start of school, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, etc. Check out all the adorable and fresh fashion pieces and order them before it is too late!

Miss Me Girls Jeans Preorder – Which Style Jeans Should You Buy?

Everything But The Princess has been bringing you adorable fashion previews all summer long. Alongside with getting the adorable fall and winter fashions, do not forget the essentials. A good pair of jeans is the essence of any princess’ wardrobe. They are perfect for play and for casual days. Since jeans are notorious for keeping their shape – no one will know if your child wears them from the bottom of the laundry basket when you are having a hectic morning.

Miss Me Girls Jeans come in three classic styles – Skinny Jeans, Boot Cut, and Straight Leg – All with a cute design on the back pockets. Not sure what style to get your princess this fall? All styles of jeans will look cute on little girls, but if your princess has sprouted like a bean over the summer, try straight leg pants. If your princess is feeling a little self conscious because of her developing body, try the boot cut because they are wider at the bottom and feel looser all around. Typically, skinny jeans can run small, so keep that in mind while ordering.

What should you do when your princess outgrows her royal jeans? If you are upset because your child outgrew the jeans she only wore once, try adding a ruffled fabric cuff on the bottom for a cute fall look. Also, you can let them be the star of her summer wardrobe by cutting them into capris or shorts. A denim skirt can also be made for the fall. Finally, cut off the back pockets and let your daughter decorate them for a super cute pocket holder that can be glued on a binder.