(In L.A.) The Process of Choosing Items for Everything But The Princess

What a hectic, exciting few days we’ve had! A awful lot of thought goes into  our buying decisions. When we’re choosing items it’s not only the style of  the pieces that we think about. Besides the look of the garment there’s the  consideration of making sure it’s made of the highest quality fabric. And the  value for our clients.

In seeking unique clothing that has all the qualities mentioned above we  may go through a 1000 pieces of a line in which we then have to narrow it down to  50. Then there are other considerations such as: looking at a design in  terms of is it a good fit on a child? Is the waist in the correct place? Is there  backing on the embroidery? Are the buttons easy to use? Is the fabric soft  and not scratchy?

There are a ton of factors beyond just the look of a garment that go into the process of deciding what to buy for our clients. But it’s worth all the time and effort because this is our winning philosophy at Everything But The Princess.

Trends for Spring 2011-

Vintage fabrics, patchworks, and checks. The are all common fabric designs we are seeing from several designers.

Design concepts have ranged from bright and fun themes, classic and contemporary prints to bold mod styling.

Neons are STILL hot as are peace signs and rock-themed apparel in the tween markets.

The Market officially starts today! All the glitz and glamor are now happening!

Come back later for more info and pics!



  1. I am just drooling at all the beautiful clothes you have to choose from. But I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes. No way could I choose. But you do Deanna! You always come through for us, every single year!
    Wendy Knafelc

  2. Eva

    Love what I’m seeing! How much fun you must be having!

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