Kaiya Eve Preorder

Kaiya Eve is known for their graceful and sweet pettiskirts. Their styles are feminine and perfect for any girly-girl. With more child celebrities donning their fluffy fashions, Kaiya Eve is introducing an edgier line this year.

One new thing Kaiya Eve is trying this year is jackets – just check out the Kaiya Eve Black & Red Tuxedo Jacket. This is a high fashion jacket that goes perfectly with their famous pettiskirts. It goes perfectly with the Kaiya Eve Red Rainbow Pettiskirt. The whole ensemble is a good choice for the talent section of a child pageant. This outfit is also perfect for special performances.

Every time I look at the Kaiya Eve Tulip Truffle Rainbow Pettiskirt, I cannot help but think of Neapolitan ice cream. This tri-colored outfit is just too yummy!

Kaiya Eve has many other bright and vivid colors ready for next season, as well. Check out their silver, tulip pink, and deep royal blue. All these colors are so rich!

Get in the holiday season with the Kaiya Eve Snowman top and Vintage Floral Mini Pettiskirt.This fluffy snowman shirt is fun and can be worn with any bottoms. The mini pettiskirt’s material will look great all year round if worn with a plain top or the black ruffle top.

Kaiya Eve also tries their hand at dresses. The Kaiya Eve Vintage Floral & Stripe Dress is perfect for for fall and Thanksgiving. This outfit is adorable with all the small details. The stripes look lovely with the floral skirt and the colors are tied in well with the red ruffles that line the striped top.

Now almost everyone can own a Kaiya Eve. Kaiya Eve has expanded their sizes for tweens and teens. Sizes 10-12 are equivalent to woman sizes 6-8 – so even grown woman can wear these adorable styles, if they so wish.

Now it is your turn to weigh in. What do you think of Kaiya Eve’s new line? Would you wear one of these styles if it came in your size?



  1. OHHH I love that first jacket!

  2. Isn’t it cool? I love that outfit with a red ruffle top underneath the jacket, really striking.

  3. The first jacket on your site…the all black with red button witht eh shirt underneath…do you have that available for purchase.

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