One Kid Fashion for the Special Kid in Your Life

Joining the fall fashion cuteness this year is One Kid. One Kid takes simple designs and turns them into fashions that are too cute for words.

For example, the One Kid Plum & Silver Floral Print Skirt and matching Shirt is just an image of a rose. However, One Kid took this design and weaved it into the skirt and even printed it on the matching leggings. This created an especially cute look that is far from being simple. This look is far from your grandma’s rosy apparel! To top off the look, you can add the One Kid Plum Sequin Cardigan which gives it an unexpected, fashionable new look.

Channel your princesses inner cuteness with the One Kid Pink Ruffle Twirl Skirt, One Kid Chocolate & Pink Bow Tee , and One Kid Chocolate & Pink Polka Dot Tights. This soft, sweet look is perfect for young active princesses. Don’t you love how the polka dot tights contrast with the polka dot bow?

The One Kid Blush & Scarlet Striped Tee With Rosette looks perfect with the One Kid Denim Pant With Pink & Scarlet Ruffled Hems. The red and white stripes look darling with the large rosette design. The best thing about One Kid is that they make outfit selection easy by coordinating several of their pieces.

For a bit of a fancier look, check out the One Kid Putty Necklace Tee paired with the One Kid Black Print Skirt. These pieces look glamorous together. The black skirt appears to have a bit of sparkle in it and is the epitome of ruffled cuteness. The shirt has the detailed necklace design that is popular in fashion right now. You don’t have to worry about accessories with this shirt. This outfit would look gorgeous for holidays.

The One Kid Scarlet Ruffles & Bows Dress is another great piece to invest in this fall. This dress can be used in a more formal setting, such as events and performances. It can also be made fun, like the picture shows, with fun leggings and shoes.

One thing that One Kid really brings to the table this fall is patterned tights. Check out the red plaid tights, the bow tights, floral print tights, star tights, and the polka dot tights.

So the question for the day is how does your princess wear her tights and leggings? Do you just let her pick out whatever she likes, do you coordinate the pattern tights with a plain outfit, or mix and match patterns? Let us know.


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