Introducing Lofff – Adorable Kid’s Fashion

If there was any child’s fashion line that I wish would make adult’s clothing, it is none other than our new international designer Lofff. Loff has sophisticated, gorgeous pieces for every kind of girl. They pride themselves in making fashionable pieces for girls who play, girls that dance, and girls that just want to have fun. No other store in the USA is offering this highly desirable European line. Get these fashionable pieces before the holidays hit.

Our favorite piece is the Lofff 2pc Black Viscose Dress Set. This fashionable girl’s dress has several layers and is adorned with a beautiful, beaded cardigan on top. This chic piece can be worn anytime of the year.

The Lofff Ecru Romantic Blouse is just as the name suggests. This top boutique fashion is subtly romantic, frilly, and girly. This blouse will look great with a pair of jeans or under a cardigan. This is an essential piece for a little girl’s wardrobe because it can be mixed and matched with so many items.

Pair the Romantic Blouse with this romantic cardigan. The Lofff Black Cardigan With Lace is not old fashioned, but a new spin on classic lace. This pretty cardigan adds a touch of vintage to any outfit. Wear this timeless cardigan over a modern kid’s clothing outfit for a truly unique look.

The Lofff Slate Blue Marias Favorite Skirt will quickly become your favorite skirt as well. This skirt has three layers of different hues of blue. The very top layer is bunched up sophisticated with a subtle blue design. This is a fun skirt that will add pizazz to any outfit.

There have been several legging designs over the past years, but none so sophisticated as this. The Lofff Black Ruched Leggings will go with any outfit. The hint of ruching makes these leggings a fashionable choice for younger and older girls alike.

Top everything off with the Lofff Ecru Lace Scarf. This adorable scarf makes the perfect accessory to any outfit. Wear it with any of the above outfits or even with a fancy holiday dress. This fancy scarf will also dress up a plain pair of jeans and a tee-shirt.

It is not too late to do your fall shopping. With the top boutique fashions of Lofff, your princess can look internationally savvy this season.


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  1. I love your blog, and the vintage clothing…i wish adults clothing is like childrens, they have so much to choose from and soo cute too…

    all the best Jane

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