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Picking the Perfect Swimsuit for Little Girl Pageants – Part One

Several little girl pageants have a swimsuit round, while more conservative pageants may have chosen to opt out of it. While teen and woman pageant competitions are more centered around plain bathing suits and body shapes, little girl pageants’ swimwear competitions are more about fun and how frilly the swimsuit is. Little girls are not expected to be stick slim or have hard stomach muscles, so do not pressure your little princess into dieting and working out. Choosing the right swimsuit for your little contestant can be a difficult task.  Everything  But the Princess has a few tips to help your little starlet shine on stage.

One piece or Bikini? Many styles of swimsuits are acceptable and even high scoring in the swimsuit competition. As a mom, if you feel more comfortable keeping your little girl covered up in a modest one piece, you can still find an adorable suit that will get the judges high marks. For example, the Frankie & Daisy “Protect and Serve” Navy & Red Nautical Ruffle Skirted 2pc. is a modest tankini that looks like a one piece. However, it is still adorable in style and offers a lot of personality.

Sometimes, though, a suit looks better in a bikini. Take a look at the Kate Mack Aloha Rose Coral Ruffle 1pc and the Kate Mack Aloha Rose Coral Skirted Ruffle Bikini. Both are adorable suits, but for a swimwear pageant, the model looks better and more fashionable in the two piece. This could be because the bikini has more details or because the one piece is too loose on her. The one piece looks adorable on the model, but should be worn at pool parties and at the beach. The one piece can look show-worthy on other girls though. Sometimes is all depends on your little girl’s body style. If she has a round little tummy, don’t scrutinize it. Little girls are supposed to have little tummies, so instead help her learn how to stand straight and poised or balance out her developing body with ruffles and skirted bottoms that can be worn near the belly button.

Style? There are so many cute bathing suits out there, but for a little girl pageant, swimwear should be more showy. It should be showy in the way that it is full of ruffles, sparkles, or has a pettiskirt. The swimsuits are not necessarily for practicality but for fashion. An example of a showy swimsuit is the Kate Mack Poolside Princess Pink Sequin . This swimsuit is pretty, feminine and attention-grabbing. Think of how cute this suit would be on a toddler or little girl. Older girls need to be careful of this suit, however, if they are competing because it may be too skimpy on them and their developing bodies.

Fit? No matter what your little girl’s size is, the bathing suit should not be worn too tightly. Judges do not like to see any fashion digging into little girl’s skin. Also, if your little princess is uncomfortable in her suit, chances are she will not perform as best as she can. However, be aware of swimsuits that give the impression of a droopy bottom or front. These are not attractive either.

Remember, when competing always wear a swimsuit that has not already been used in swimming. Chlorine and sea salt can alter the style of a bathing suit, even if it was just once. Instead, steam the suit before the performance to ensure a flawless

Tune in to Everything But the Princess’ blog later this week for more on picking the perfect swimsuit for little girl pageants. We will be discussing tanning, hair, theme, and accessorizing to win.

New Fashion Trend – Western Cutie – Little Mass & Tru Luv Spring 2011 Preorders

Little Mass "Coco Daisy"

Yeehaw! We love when designers start a new trend. This season, Little Mass and Tru Luv’s Spring 2011 preorders have a hint of western in them. Forget the dirty Wranglers and spurs, these western-inspired fashions for girls are sophisticated and high-class. Adorable cowgirl boots are optional!

Be the starlet of the West in this lace ensemble –The Little Mass “Coco Daisy” Ivory Lace Dress w/ Belt . Of course, this dress can be worn without the cowgirl boots and hat for a non-western look. This dress is pretty with or without the coordinating belt, as well.

Take on the Wild West with frills and cute

"Coco Daisy" Denim and Lace Dress

denim! The Little Mass “Coco Daisy” Denim & Lace Dress is perfect for princesses and rodeo stars alike.

Tru Luv Spring 2011 Preorders

Another adorable girl’s dress is the Tru Luv Chambrey & Ivory Lace Belted Dress.This pretty dress mixes lace and denim ruffles for a darling effect. The unique leather belt makes this girl’s boutique clothing a must-have Spring 2011 girl’s fashion.

These western outfits are perfect for little princesses who have rodeos to perform in or for little girl’s who participate in little girl pageants. These cute boutique girl clothing will add personality and charm in any performance.

Barbara Farber Pre Spring 2011 Preorders

Trendy Girl's Jacket

Barbara Farber Pre’s little girl fashions are back in the U.S. and Everything But The Princess has them available for you to preorder! Barbara Farber Pre Spring 2011 preorders are stunning and classy. To have such a great designer back in the states is a great occasion, so order these beautiful pieces while they are still available.

Look fabulous in the Barbara Farber White Ruffled Trench Coat. This piece of girl’s boutique clothing is high class. The ruffles add a sweet touch to this marvelous trench coat. This coat also has a remarkable finish on it that makes the whole coat, and anyone wearing it, just glow! The Barbara Farber Ruffled Silver Trench Coat is equally glamorous.

Metallic Polka Dot Dress

Look classy in the Barbara Farber Metallic Polka Dot Ruffled Dress. This dress is sophisticated and stylish. The cut of the dress makes this girl’s boutique clothing a classic piece for pageant interviews and sophisticated events. This dress would also make the perfect Easter dress for photos.

The Barbara Farber Cloud Dancer Cascading Ruffle Dress will make your little

Cloud Dancer Cascading Dress & Necklace

princess the belle of the ball. This festive little girl’s dress has layers of ruffles and sequin details that make it a one of a kind girl’s boutique clothing. Complete with a slip, this dress will turn heads.

Don’t forget the perfect accessory. The Barbara Farber Glittery Stones White Cloud Dancer Necklace is stunning and will make any dress look more dressed up. This glittering necklace looks beautiful over solid colors, such as a black, navy, or white dress.
For little girl pageants, your little princess can wear this necklace to get some extra attention during the talent portion.

Get gorgeous with Barbara Farber Pre’s Spring 2011 line. Now if only this designer would expand to woman fashion, as well.

Resort Swimwear Buying Guide- Cute Girl’s Swimwear

Girl's Swimwear - Angela Frost

If you are hating the cold weather, then new and irresistible resort swimwear for girls preorders are sure to put a sunny smile on your face! There are so many adorable choices to choose from this spring from several top children boutique designers.

Angela Frost: Get your shine on this spring with the Angela Frost Cool Swim Silver Asymmetrical one piece. This shiny suit will surely give your fashionista the attention she deserves. Another plus – you can view her easily in the pool or ocean. Don’t forget to match this trendy girl’s swimwear with the stylin’ Angela Frost Cool Swim Silver Pallazzo Shimmer Capri Pant and Angela Frost Cool Black Truffle Sun Hat with Silver Band.

Girl's Swimwear - Lots of Love

Lots of Love:

Everything But The Princess has several cute and affordable girl’s swimwear available for preorder. The Lots of Love Spring 2011 Preorder have

Lots of Love Girl's Swimwear

several choices for cute girl’s swimwear that will not break the bank. Check out the Lots of Love Pink and Orange Butterfly 1 Piece, available in infant sizes only. This

cute pink one piece has an attention-grabbing ruffled butterfly on it. At only $26, you can afford to get one for your little princess and her friend as well.

Another affordable choice from Lots of Love is their Hot Pink & White Rosette Tankini. Cute from head to toe, this tankini is fun and fashionable. The flower pouf really makes this girl’s swimwear. Don’t forget to add a matching hair pouf or flower in your little princess’ hair for an adorable look.

Frankie & Daisy's "Serve & Protect"

Frankie & Daisy: It’s “Anchor’s Away” with Frankie & Daisy’s nautical-inspired swim collection. The Frankie & Daisy “Protect and Serve” Navy Nautical Tinkini. Frankie & Daisy also went a little on the wild side with their adorable zebra girl’s swimwear.

Submarine Swimwear: Submarine Swimwear is a new addition to the Everything But The Princess family. The retro piece – Submarine Swim Red Heart 50’s 1 Pc Suit will remind you of the cute fashions of the past. Your little girl will look vintage cool in that suit.

Submarine Swimwear also has several cute bikini girls swimwear. The Submarine Swim Red and Navy Dot & Stripe Bikini With Heart will look great for Fourth of July and Memorial Day. Nautical swimsuits for girls are definitely a hot trend this spring and summer.

Kate Mack: Kate Mack’s Spring 2011 preorders are absolutely adorable. Their new line of girl’s swimwear is even cuter than last years!

Cute Baby Swimwear - Kate Mack Spring 2011 Preorder

All baby girls will look so adorable in Kate Mack’s Poolside Princess Pink 2 Pc. Sequin Swimsuit. This princess swimsuit is so precious. Your baby will be the belle of the beach in this pretty piece. This swimsuit is also a great trendy piece for little girl pageants.

Another adorable swimsuit for infants is the Kate Mack French Riveria Navy Polka Dot Swimsuit. She will look like a darling sailor in this outfit.

Girl's Swimwear - Pink Paradise

Get rosy in the Kate Mack Pink Paradise Ruffle Tankini for girls 2T through size 8. This darling swimsuit is modest and cute! The ruffled pink top and pink bottoms will look equally good on toddlers and tweens.

The Kate Mack Poolside Princess Pink Sequin Ruffle Bikini is another great choice from Kate Mack. This sequin top is fun and girly while the ruffle bikini bottom with sequins will make your princess feel like a ballerina. This high-style bikini will WOW judges in little girl pageants as well.

With so many great Spring 2011 preorders and girl’s swimwear, it is hard to pick the perfect swimsuit for your princess. Order two or more and enjoy high fashion at the pool, the beach, or on your next vacation. We already know your princess plans on doing a lot of swimming and castle-building, get her more than one suit to last through the summer months.

Ooh! La La Couture – Get Bella Thorne’s Dress

Ooh! La La Coture and Disney Star Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne Getting Her Nails Done at the Party

Bella Thorne, star of Disney’s new hit show “Shake It Up” wore one of Ooh! La La Couture’s Sequin Dresses at a recent party.

She looks absolutely gorgeous in the Ooh! La La Couture Sequin Dress. Sometimes it is hard to imagine what a dress will look like on a fourteen-year old when you see it on a three year old model. Bella shows fans and fashionistas, alike that preteen and teens will look fabulous in Ooh! La La Couture Spring 2011 Pre-orders. Ooh! La La Couture is not just for little girls.

Everything But The Princess has the same dress that Bella Thorne wore in stock. Pick from black, hot pink, and a soft pink. It will look adorable on any princess, no matter what her age is. Where it to parties, special evenings, and even just for fun days out on the town.

Ooh! La La Couture’s Spring 2011 Pre-orders have a little fashion for every type of princess.