Tips and Tricks of the Little Girl Pageant

Little Girl Pageants are about glamour and fun. While you want your little girl to attract attention you do not want her to attract the wrong kind of attention. Judges look for girls that look happy and comfortable on stage in their outfits. Judges do not want to see a little girl who feels and looks out-of-place on stage. In order to help your little girl feel more comfortable on stage try picking out hairstyles, clothes, and accessories that will make her shine without making her feel awkward while on stage.

To begin with try helping your little girl to fit in with the other contestants. While some girls are new to the pageant world they will be competing with girls that are schooled in the backstage world. To help your little girl enjoy the glitz of the pageant, make the pageant about fun and dressing up, after all, what little girl doesn’t like a good game of dress up? While some girls are incredibly competitive keep your girl in the midst of the fun aspect, show her the ways that the pageant experience will make her feel like a princess.

Start by finding ways to pamper your girl in preparation for her debut. This will include incredible hair, possibly a tan, and some amazing accessories to accentuate your little girl and her beautiful outfits. Start with a great tan. If your little girl is on the pale side you can either choose to accentuate the snow-white appearance and play it up with accessories that will highlight her porcelain skin like dark swarovski crystal jewelry or vibrant hued bows or hair decorations.

Hair Clip

Baby's In Bloom Shocking Pink Rose Hair Clip

Everything But The Princess has a bright pink rose clip with crystals that will accentuate the pale skin of any sweet girl. For those girls that are prepared to tan it is suggested that they spray tan or mist tan. This process is much easier for young girls that cannot sit still for long periods of time, and is a healthier chose to tanning beds. Prices usually run around $30-$50 dollars depending on whether you are looking for a full body tan or just the legs and arms.

Hair is also an important part of the pageant, and can be one of the reasons why little girls feel uncomfortable during the show. Pageant hair is meant to be glamorous, and should frame the girls face accentuating her smile and joy. Hair can be quite difficult to perfect on a little girl that is not interested in staying still for long and doe snot enjoy wearing big wigs. For girls with short hair that want to have longer or bigger hair for competition try using a fall or a piece. One of the easiest ways to add volume to a young girls hair is to purchase a pony tail hair piece with curls and attach it to your child’s pony tail. This will give the impression of more volume and will not cause your little girl a lot of discomfort from a heavy wig. Remember that hairspray is your friend, and if you do not want to add hair to your little girls head but want that added volume ease the crown of her head with a brush and some hair spray after curling. This will also add volume.

With a little luck and these great tips your little girl should have fun and feel like she is playing dress up when it is her turn to walk the stage.

Check back with Everything But The Princess later and we will take a closer look at some of the Spring 2011 Pre-orders!


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