Lemon Loves Lime: Memories of a Precious Time

Lemon Loves Lime 2011 is the perfect addition to every sweet little girl’s wardrobe. Little girls carry a unique innocence in their lives that colors their world with imaginary creatures and dreams filled with magical beings large and small. As little girls we were all enamored with the mystical underwater world of the sea. We were enchanted by mermaids with long flowing hair and shimmering tails that propelled them throughout our daily thoughts. As adults our minds took on more structured ideas that quickly shooed the shimmery mermaids out of our minds, but with Lemon Loves Lime’s 2011 Collection we can once again begin our deep sea adventures with our little girls.

Lemon Loves Lime 2011 offers mothers the opportunity to create a living wardrobe of memories for their little girls. Outfits for this spring line offer those precious moments we never want to forget prominently featured across the fabric of our clothes. Lemon Loves Lime Aqua Mermaid Dress 3y-6y is now available for pre-orders. This angelic dress will swim right into the heart of you and your little girl with its aquatic theme. The beautiful mermaid across the front of this dress will remind your little girl that everything is possible in her world. The friendly frills on the skirt will keep your daughter looking cute and angelic as she twirls and dances around the house, building new memories for you and your little one to cherish forever. This quintessential spring dress will bring smiles to your faces each morning that she puts it on.

Lemon Loves Lime Blonde Mermaid NecklaceAccessories are the perfect finishing touch to a beautiful ensemble. Spark your little girl’s imagination and highlight her incredible fashion sense with a Lemon Loves Lime Blonde mermaid Necklace. This necklace is the perfect addition to the Spring 2011 Collection. Not only will your little girl fall in love with her very own little mermaid, she will be the envy of every other little girl.



Keep your daughter’s wardrobe flowing with the addition of this Lemon Loves Lime Daquiri Layered Ruffle Skort. This versatile skort is perfect for a dressy day or a casual day. Its bright lime color looks great on your sweet little girl accentuating her youth and innocence. The skort is perfect for every little girl, even those that are not big fans of skirts. Its skirt/short combination makes it perfect for those long afternoons at the park or those sweet evenings out with the family. Keep your daughter ready for anything with this piece.

So this spring as you look for pieces to accent your daughters own beauty check out the Lemon Loves Lime 2011 Spring Collection. These amazing pieces will keep your little one swimming through her day and will add imagination and joy to both of your worlds.



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