Oilily 2011 Pre-Orders: Purchase and You Could Win a Free Gift!

Here at Everything But The Princess cute outfits are our passion, and fairytales are right up our alley. So of course we absolutely love the new Oilily 2011 collection. Oilily is a fun line that plays to the heart of every little girl, fun, fresh, and flowery prints that keep girls happy.

What is even better than fun, fresh, and flowery prints? How about adding the words free gift? For today only Oilily and Room Seven are sponsoring a one-day contest four our customers. Every pre-order placed today will be entered into a random drawing for a free gift from the company.

While all of the products offered from Oilily on our site are available for the contest entry we have some favorites that we would love for you to check out. The Oilily Dola Fairytale Print Knit Dress is a fan favorite and is available for pre-order for only $66. This adorable dress embodies everything that is precious about fairytales. The print highlights some of the special stories that enchant little girls including fairies, flowers, and tea parties. 

Also available is the beautiful Room Seven Divio Blue Idee Dress. A beautiful dress that highlights the vintage Old Danish style, the blue is the perfect color for spring and summer dresses. The details of the darling dress are exquisite. The lace edging on the frills of the skirt and around the bodice are the perfect dainty touch to a sweet spring dress. 

Oilily also has some amazing luggage pieces for your little girl. Does she have a sweet little sleepover with her best friend coming up? A trip to grandma’s house in the works? Give her a fun reason to help pack her bags; the Oilily White Fairytale Trolly has all the fairytale sweetness your little girl will need on her night away from home. It looks just like Mom’s and Dad’s grown up trolley suitcase, but has that perfect touch of whimsy to make it feel just right for any little girl. She can pack her own bag and head to her night away with all her sweet little overnight things, and a few kisses from Mom, packed up tight in her pretty little trolly. 

Is your sweet little girl a tea party junkie? Set her up for the perfect tea party with Room Seven’s Tea Pot bag. This whimsical bag will be the perfect bag to carry her little tea-set around with her. Now she can have a tea party on the run. Plus, she will always know where her tea set is when the bag it is in is shaped just like an oversized tea pot. 

So give our Oilily and Room Seven Collections a look, with every purchase you can enter today’s contest and have a chance to win a free gift!


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  1. I really love Oilily clothing

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