Desigual: FUNky Fashion for FUNky Girls

Now at Everything But The Princess you can find the Desigual Spring 2011 Collection available for pre-order for girls. Desigual is a Spanish Apparel Company which specializes in fashions that are funky and fun. Shirts, skirts, and dresses are inspired by the freedom of expression. The new spring and summer 2011 Collection shows a handmade crafty quality that pieces together galactic inspirations with flower power and evokes the feeling of confidence and independence. Desigual instills style and confidence in its clothes worldwide. Your little girl will love these unique styles and she will be recognized for being on the cutting-edge of the fashion world. Desigual offers outfits that are not your average fashions leading to everyday boring ensembles, these fashions allow for your child’s creativity to burst forth to the world.

Desigual Half Moon Bay DressThis season Everything But The Princess is offering an amazing selection of Desigual’s Spring and Summer 2011 Collection. These amazing dresses, skirts, and jackets that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect look for your daughter. All are available now for pre-order.

Check out the Desigual Green Half Moon bay Tank Dress. The bright and vibrant colors are the perfect accent to your daughter’s bright and bubbly personality and spirit. The Tank dress is the perfect warm weather dress. The fluted bottom adds a delicate touch to the vibrancy in the colors and prints and will make your daughter feel beautiful. Desigual Denim jacket

Does your daughter love tank dresses but tends to run a little chilly? Snag this Desigual Denim Helicona Jacket . It will keep her warm on those cooler days and nights but will not deprive her of her fantastic fashions. The patchwork patterns on the front if this denim jacket will match any of the Desigual Spring and Summer 2011 Collection.

Is your daughter a huge fan of accessorizing? Desigual understands that girls want to stretch their fashions legs and begin to pair great outfits with great bags. After all they need to carry their lip gloss and school stuff somehow. The Desigual Qua Geo Print Mary Popins Bag will look great with the Desigual Green Half Moon bay Tank Dress. The bold geometric pattern will keep everyone’s heads turning every time they see you little girl walking down the school halls. Friends will be asking where she got that great bag. Where indeed, At Everything But The Princess of course.

Desigual mary poppins bagYour daughter will be praised for her fashion sense and everyone will want to know your secret to hunting down these great finds. So make sure to tell everyone that Desigual is now available for pre-order at Everything But The Princess.





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