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Blue Jean Baby: Miss Me Girls

Every girl loves her blue jeans. Dress them up or dress them down they are the perfect piece for spring, summer, fall and winter. So this spring get your blue jean baby ready for an incredible season with some great starter pieces for some amazing outfits. Jeans can be word a thousand different ways and she will love having the ability to create a great ensemble all year long. Whether she chooses pants, Capri’s, shorts or skinny jeans, she will have a terrific assortment of options this spring. Head over to Everything But The Princess now and find the best Miss Me Girls Denim for the spring and summer season.

 Rhinestone Denim Shorts Miss Me GirlsMiss Me Girls Rhinestone Denim Shorts: Every girl loves a little sparkle. These rhinestone studded shorts are the perfect way to get a little sparkle into your daughter’s wardrobe. She will love how trendy and cool they look, you will love the durability of these great denim shorts and how easily she can create a new look each day.

Denim Burmuda Shorts Miss Me Girls Miss Me Girls Denim Bermuda Shorts: Bermuda shorts are always in style. Keep her cool (and looking cool) all summer long. Pair it with a great tank, or even a cute blouse for a dressier look. She will love relaxing in flip flops all summer long in these great shorts, whether she is shopping with friends, running at the park, playing on the beach, or lounging at home she will be comfortable and look good.

Paisley Denim Capri Pant Miss Me GirlsMiss Me Girls Paisley Denim Capri’s: These Capri’s are great for warm or cool days. They can be dressed up with some cute wedges and a special blouse for a night out with friends, or dressed down with flip flops and a tee for a day at the local hangout.

Fleur-de-lis Skinny Jean Miss Me GirlsMiss Me Girls Fleur-de-lis Skinny Jean: You can never go wrong with a skinny jean, especially at this age. Let them test all their fashion flare with these incredibly popular jeans. They will love the fleur-de-lis on the back pocket and will be able to wear these all summer and even into the fall and winter. It is great when you purchase a piece that is inter-seasonal; it saves money and shows your daughter how versatile an outfit can be.

Studded Waistband Straight Leg Jean Miss Me GirlsMiss Me Girls Studded Waistband Straight Leg jean: These jeans are so cool your daughter may wonder how you managed to find them. The studded waist band is incredibly popular right now and the feather whiskering and worn look are too cool for words. Your daughter always wants the hottest thing each season? Well these will be cool even next season. Get them now and wear them through the winter. She will love the look, and you will love saving a little cash by buying them for more than one season.

Claesen’s Spring pre-orders: Amsterdam is Coming Home to You

In 1993 three friends in Amsterdam began designing clothes, and nearly 18 years later they are one of the most popular urban brands around the world. Right now Everything But The Princess has some of their spring 2011 collection up for pre-order. Now you can find some great urban dresses and swimsuits for your modern girl. Now you can bring home a little European Urban flair and suddenly your little girl will be one of the coolest girls on the street.

Black with White Buttons and Top Stitching Print Dress ClaesensBlack with White Buttons and Top Stitching Print Dress: This Uber cool black and white dress has a double row of white top stitching accenting the lines of each faux pocket and seam. The faux buttons give the dress a slight retro look while still maintaining its urban flair. Your daughter will love its retro look but modern cut.

1964 Striped Colorblock Dress Claesens1964 Striped Colorblock Dress: This fun tank dress will be perfect for spring and summer. Your daughter will be cool while looking cool. She may not have been around in 1964 but with this dress she can fake it. The colorblock is an incredibly trendy and interesting look that will make her stand out amongst her friends and their ordinary tank dresses. She will love the unique dress and wear it all season long.

Black and White Polka Dot and Striped Tankini *Preorder* ClaesensBlack and white Polka Dot and Striped Tankini: You can never go wrong with polka dots. They can e innocent and daring all in one fail swoop. Paired with the stripes and melon colored accents this polka dot tankini is incredibly hot for swim season. The skirted bottom is very hip and comfortable with its connected bottom, your daughter will feel like a total girly girl while still being able to break loose and have fun in the pool and beach this season. Check out this suit now and she will be the hottest thing in the sun this year, just make sure you remember the sun block!

Nautical Bikini *Preorder*ClaesensNautical Bikini: This cute little bikini will make your daughter feel like the little lady she is slowly becoming. The cut is flattering and mature enough to make her feel special, but the colors and style will still prove she is your little girl at heart. The melon color trim is perfect for a little girl in summer; her pretty tanned skin will make the color pop in the sparkling sun. Every time you see her you will be reminded of the fun-loving filled with personality young lady you are enjoying while she is still young.

Enjoy this season with your little girl and make it more enjoyable by prepping her with some great new outfits. The two of you will be thrilled with the results!


The Perfect Look for Easter: Part Two

Dressing up is part of the fun of Easter, which is why we offer a variety of different beautiful looks for your little girl at Everything But The Princess. Earlier this week we shared one of this season’s most beautiful dresses available from Biscotti and we highlighted some great things to pair it with for an elegant yet playful Easter look. Today we have a few more options that will look great on your little princess. No matter which style you choose your little princess will look like the darling we know she is.

Isobella & Chloe Blue and White Scalloped DressIsobella & Chloe Blue and white Scalloped Dress: This is a beautiful choice for an Easter Dress. The soft blue color is the color of the perfect spring sky and will light your daughter with the beauty of a perfect spring day. The tulle is gathered at the skirt and gives your daughter a full skirted appearance highlighting her young and narrow waist. There is a delicate flower accent just under the bodice of the dress that is perfect for the spring. Pair it with these Pazitos White Ballet Flat With Ribbon Ties. For added elegance and flair add this Isobella & Chloe Blue Tulle Flowered Headband. Whether her hair is styled up or down this headband will accentuate the spectacular dress and finish off her perfect spring look.

Luna Luna Taffy Rose DressLuna Luna Taffy Rose Dress: This sweet look is absolutely precious on a little girl. The soft pink color looks amazing against her youthful and blushing complexion. Any young girl will look great in this a-line style. The shape will accentuate the narrow waist and the cut is flattering on anyone. The sweet rose at the bodice is an excellent accent for spring. Because it is a sleeveless dress you may want to pair it with a light sweater like this Luna Luna Taffy Lily Shrug. Available in different color shades you will probably want to stick to the taffy color for this particular dress. Pair it with some Pazitos Pink ballet Flats with Ribbon Ties for a completed ensemble.

Mint Flower Dress Le Pink "Tinkerbell"Or try this Le Pink “Tinkerbell” Mint Flower Dress for Easter. Not only do the colors and flowers make great accents for spring your daughter will feel like she is dressed up as one of her favorite little friends for the holiday. Pair with some great Pazitos White Ballet Flat With Ribbon Ties or these L’amour Shoes & Sandals Lime Green Tiny Flowers Sandals. Let her hair flow freely for a sweet and natural look. She will feel like a true fairy princess in this great outfit.

Check back next week for some great baby Easter dress choices!

The Perfect Look for Easter: Part One

Here at Everything But The Princess we love pretty things, and we love the excuse to get dressed up. Easter is just around the corner and we are excited because many will be dressing up for the day and we have the best ideas for that perfect Easter look. Spring brings the perfect opportunity to dress in sweet patterns, fabrics, and brightly hued colors. Little girls can get fancy with accessories and sandals thanks to the warmer weather, and we now have some fabulous footwear available in some amazing spring designs.

Pink Chiffon Cascade Dress by biscotti This Easter get dressed up in one of Biscotti’s new spring styles. This Biscotti Pink Chiffon Cascade Dress is the perfect dress for Easter. The soft pink color and the long-flowing ruffles will look absolutely lovely on your little girl. She will feel soft, sweet, and special this spring in this delicate dress. The halter top is the perfect cut for spring; she will enjoy the fact that she can wear something that doesn’t cover her from head-to-toe as she has all winter long. Now that spring is finally here she can enjoy the sun on her shoulders.

Pink Ballet Flat With Ribbon Ties pazitosPair it with these precious Pazitos Pink Ballet Flats with Ribbon Ties. The ribbons will give them a classier appearance which will accentuate her sweet and soft look. They pair well with the colors of the Biscotti Pink Chiffon and she will feel comfortable in the long day with family in this comfortable flats. They have just enough whimsy to be fun and enjoyable to wear, she won’t feel like she is a baby in these sweet flats.

Ivory Dahlia Hair ClipAccentuate her soft and elegant look with a delicious hair clip. The Baby’s In Bloom Ivory Dahlia Hair Clip will add some pizzazz to her soft look and make her feel special. The glam factor of the hair clip will brighten her mood and make her classic look a bit more modern and will give her a feeling of youth and brilliance. It is important when dressing up your daughter to give her something that will make her feel young and look sweet and innocent. Pairing this sweet hair clip with the more mature dress balances the classic look and keeps it young and fun.


Hats off to You Girls

Fedoras are hot this season; they are popping up all over town and not just on boys. Little girls are trying to get in on the fun this year. Hats are the perfect accessory; they can glam up any old boring outfit with some sass and style. During spring we find ourselves in such a great mood that we need something special and out of the ordinary to show the great mood we are in, and what better way to do that then with an amazing hat. You can glam up an outfit, or just give a casual look a bit more spunk, with the right hat you can spruce up any style and Everything But The Princess has some amazing hats to top of your great spring looks this season.

Plaid fedora by Twirl and CompanyTwirl & Company Plaid Fedora: This great plaid hat is a great choice for a little girl. The pink and orange colors are great for a casual look. Cap off a great outfit with this spunky hat and she will feel sassy and stylish in no time, she will go from cute to daring in no time with this great fedora.

Pink Fedora with Sequin band by Twirl and CompanyTwirl & Company Pink Fedora with Sequin Band: This pink fedora is a great alternative to a hairclip. It will give her a polished look with a little fun. The pink and sequins add that sweet look for a little girl but the hat lends some funky style to an otherwise boring outfit.

Twirl & Company Leopard Fedora: This is the perfect hat for that already daring little girl. She may already have a great collection of hats and has no fear when it comes to trying something new; give her the hat that will show off her incredible style and personality. The diva in her will shine with this great topper.

Twirl & Company Black fedora With Sequin Band & Feather Hair Clip: Sometimes a cool hat alone is not good enough to show the amazing mood you are in, for days like that try this style, adding a flamboyant hair clip to a hat. It will give you that extra oomph of style that will totally push her outfit to the edge of high fashion. Your daughter will love her look and will garner looks of envy from all who see her. Black fedora with hair clip by Twirl and Company

Style is cutting edge, and with these great hats your daughter will be falling off the edge of high fashion. Not only will she look cool, she will feel cool in these great fedoras.


Get a Leg up on Spring’s Hottest Leggings

Spring is a time of enchantment, things come to life in spring, the flowers awaken, birds come out to sing, and little girls get to enjoy the new world around them. Little girls can be very busy in the springtime with all the new wonderful activities available to them, and picking an outfit each morning may be on the backburner for them. Most days they want to look great and have fun, but having fun becomes the most important part of the day. That is why leggings can be a girl’s favorite spring style of choice. They can be worn under dresses or skirts, or worn alone with a great tee or tunic. They can rush into their closet or dresser drawers and pull out a fantastic outfit with minimal effort, and voila a masterpiece is born. At Everything But The Princess we have all the greatest legging styles that a little girl could ever imagine, she might where leggings everyday but she will never wear the same style twice with these great options.

Red Pomponner leggings by eliane et LenaEliane et Lena Red Pomponner Leggings: These great leggings go great with anything. Pair them with a skirt for a fun and girly look or top with a great tee for an easy day full of fun and comfort. The adorable red ruched leggings are detailed with tiny red ruffles at the end of each leg. Your little girl will love wearing these bright leggings and will love how easy they are for great days in the beautiful spring weather.

Seafoam and white Frilly leggingsFrillys White with Seafoam and White Polka dots Ruffled Leggings: Made of the softest material they are the perfect leggings for those special days when you want to feel like a diva. The beautiful sea foam frills make any girl feel special and dressed for a day of outrageous fun. It pairs great with a Frilly’s top but looks even more amazing with a fun pettiskirt for those super frilly days that make us girls feel like princesses.

Black Frost icing leggings Angela Frost Black Icing With The Sprinkles leggings: These leggings are embellished with the sweetest pink flowers and leaves. They look like a delectable cake covered in the most delicate of iced flowers, and will make your little girl feel even sweeter than she does on her best day. Capped off with delicate lace on the end of each leg your daughter will feel supremely sweet and girly in this simple yet elegant pair of leggings.

Wildflower pink Leggings by Kaiya EveKaiya Eve Pink Wildflower Leggings: Flowers are the perfect theme for a spring full of fun. Let her wear these tights with anything, skirts, pettiskirts, dresses, or a sweet tee and she will love getting dressed each morning. The vibrant colors pair well with any Kaiya Eve Pettiskirt and she will love dressing up to go play with her friends.

Striped Deux Par Deux leggingsDeux Par Deux Irresistible Black and White Striped Leggings: Black and white stripes are always fashionable, fun, and playful. She can wear them with a sweet black and white top for that European Parisian look, or pair them with a funky tee for a little flair. No matter what she will always look good!

Check out our great leggings now, you and your little girl will be thrilled with the choices.



Superb Swim Wear: Frankie & Daisy

Swimming is a beloved past-time, on those sweltering hot summer days all you want to do is lay by the pool, or run through those cool sprinklers, anything to get a little wet and stay cool. Well we know important it is to a little girl to not only go swimming but have fun while doing it, and what better way to begin the fun than with a playful swim suit that will inspire those famously fun summer days. Now Everything But The Princess has those fun suits by Frankie & Daisy that will jumpstart any spectacular summer day.

Jungle safari Frankie & Daisy Swim Suit Frankie & Daisy “Jungle Safari” Zebra & Pink Polka Dot Ruffle Skirted 2-Pc: This zebra striped- tank and pink polka dot skirted suit will make your little girl the life of the party. She will love the bright and daring colors and patterns and how fun and playful she will feel in this sweet and sassy two piece. Her friends will love how cool she looks and ask where they could find such a cool suit.

I Heart Dots Frankie & Daisy Swim SuitFrankie & Daisy “I heart Dots” Pink & Green Polka Dots & Ruffle Skirted 2-Pc: This sassy two-piece is the perfect choice for spring and summer. The tank and skirt feature the bright pink, fuchsia, and lime green polka dots that give the suit its name. The skirt also features the perfect twirling skirted bottom, with its lime green underskirt your daughter can do twirls and enjoy a day of water dancing whether she is in the pool or playing in the grass with the sprinklers on. Best of all no matter where she is she will always be easy to spot in this brightly hued suit.

Animal Party bikini by Frankie & DaisyFrankie & Daisy Animal Party Lime Skirted Ruffle Bikini: This is one of the most playful suits available by Frankie & Daisy. Your little princess will gush over the zebra stripes and lime green polka dots. She will feel every bit a princess in the fun frilly skirt and you will be the coolest and smartest Mom ever when you snatch this suit up now for only $34.50 right now at Everything But The Princess.

Nautical themed Swim Suit by Frankie & DaisyFrankie & Daisy “Protect and Serve” Navy & Red Nautical Ruffle Skirted 2-Pc: This special two-piece will be the most amazing thing scene at the pool this year. The gorgeous blue and red colors are the perfect accent to the nautical theme. The bandana looking top and skirted bottom is so unique that she will feel like the only little girl in the world. The sweet sailor look is very retro and hip for this season; the suit even has a retro cut to the tank and slightly flared skirt.

Swimming Season is just around the corner so make sure you have your little girl outfitted for the time of her life this summer, just head over to Everything But The Princess and check out our great selections now!


Superb Swim Swear: Barbara Farber

Swimming is a huge part of every little girl’s spring and summer plans. The pool, the lake, the ocean, there are so many options for a girls favorite hot weather activity. But of course every girl wants to look good when she is hanging by the pool and playing in the sand. This season Everything But The Princess has some great options for your little princesses perfect suit, Barbara Farber has brought class and sass to little girls swim wear this year and the results are gorgeous!

Striped Navy Swim Suit by Barbara FarberBarbara Farber Striped 1-Pc Blue Ink Bathing Suit: This navy and white striped suit with its pink trim and belt will make your daughter feel and look like the super-star she is. Barbara Farber uses her unique European style to beautify even the simplest piece like a one piece swim suit. The slight ruffle at the leg of the suit gives a fun playful look enhancing the simple piece making it much more exciting than your average one-piece. The stripes and belt give a sophisticated look to your little girl this season.

Striped Navy 2-pc barbara farber suitBarbara Farber Striped 2-Pc Blue Ink Bathing Suit: This sweet little two-piece has all the great qualities of its one-piece counterpart but offers a more grown up look with its ruffled top and two-piece style. Your little princess will love lounging around the pool this summer and showing off her incredible style to all her friends.

2-pc pink bathing suit by Barbara FarberBarbara Farber 2-Pc Pink Diamond Bathing Suit: This light-pink two-piece is gorgeous and will only highlight the amazing beauty that your daughter already has. Its pale pink color will wow in the sun and its gorgeous ruffle trim and black belt add those European touches that make Barbara Farber a favorite amongst our designers. Now available for only $37.00 it will quickly become your daughter’s favorite suit this season and she will love showing it off wherever she swims.

Need some great little totes for your little mermaid princesses swim gear? Barbara Farber has some great gear bags for this season. Check out her Striped Blue Ink Tote Bag or her Striped Pink Gloss Tote. No matter which suit you and your little princess choose she can have a coordinating bag that will always keep her in style and prepared for her next big swim-date. Blue Ink Tote Bag by Barbara Farber


Girls Just Want to Have Fun: In Pettiskirts!

Yes we all know it; life can be a lot more fun dressed up. Forgive me for admitting this, but even grown women love to play dress up. Some women even prefer to do their housecleaning with a tiara. So of course little girls will love dressing up. So why not give your little girl something that will brighten her day and make even the most mundane daily activities and chores her favorite things to do? How you may ask, simply put her in a pettiskirt. Here at Everything But The Princess we have one of the most amazing pettiskirt selections available, and we just love how fun they are.

Belle Ame Pettidress in Pink Belle Ame Pink Pettidress: This gorgeous pink pettidress will make anything fun. Do you have trouble getting your little girl to clean her room each day? Is making her bed far too boring for her to attempt the task? Well everything seems more fun in this pettidress. The pink feathery frills in the pettidress will give her immense joy each time she wears it. She will love dressing up in this dress so much that she will want to wear it at every opportunity, and you can use that opportunity to get her room cleaned! Let her clean and play in this fun dress all day long.

Kaiya Eve Lavender Rainbow Pettiskirt: How do you make a pettiskirt even more fun and attractive to a little girl? Make it a rainbow. Now your little girl can dress up and pretend to be a fairy that floats high above the world up high near the rainbows. Let her imagine the different worlds she can travel to as she runs around the yard in this gorgeous petti flying amongst the rainbows that have colored her skirts and her world with incredible color and magic.

Kaiya Eve Vintage Floral & Stripe Dress 12m-6y: Tea-time is not complete without the perfect Tea dress. This Pettidress is the perfect addition to any dress-up box and tea party set. Let your daughter dress up her parties with this beautiful rose floral print vintage pettidress. She will feel like royalty at her next tea party with thisfrock on. Let he do up her tea party big, you supply the dress and tea, and she will provide the accents, fun, and imagination. And maybe a cookie or two.

Let your daughter imagine all the possibilities some pettiskirts will do for her when she plays dress up in them on a daily basis. After all, everything is more fun in a pettiskirt!


Hot Looks For Spring Break: Part Two

Those hot spring looks do not have to be complicated, in fact, during spring break the simpler the better. Everything But The Princess has those simple looks that your girl will love!


Flowers by Zoe Grey Love Shorts: The Power of Love is the simplest statement in the world. Let your little girl make that statement with these great cotton knit sweat-shorts. Love and peace is what it is all about during spring break when comfort usually takes precedent over fashion, but with these cute shorts by Zoe you can get both! Pair them with a tee or sweatshirt for the ultimate comfort and casual look for any day!

Twinkle Couture Juicy Raspberry Crown Bermuda Shorts: These hot pink shorts will make your daughter look like the royal princess she is even dressed down on spring break. The crown appliqué on the Bermuda shorts will make it obvious to anyone who see her just how royal she is! The bright pink color will make her happy and she will be ready to rule the best spring break ever.

Power of Love tank Flowers by ZoeTees:

Twinkle Couture Juicy White Cheetah Print perfume Tee: This adorable tee has a graphic print of a perfume bottle adorned with beautiful rhinestones. Your little girl will love the shiny glitz of this casual tee and it will make her feel special on her dressed down day. It pairs excellently with the Twinkle Couture Juicy Raspberry Crown Bermuda Shorts.

Flowers by Zoe Olive Power of Love Tank: This tee is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. It is simple in taste and elegance and carries the power of love motive. Your daughter will love its understated elegance and the mix-and-match quality it has with its flower printed backside. It pairs wonderfully with the Flowers by Zoe Grey Love Shorts and will be one of her favorite outfits to throw on when she wants to relax and maintain her favorite style.


Twirl & Company Plaid Fedora: Spring break is the perfect time to add some fun and freshness to your daughter’s style. So let her try out this fedora by Twirl and Company. The sassy style will show off her hip and cool personality and give her the chance to try something new. It also has the benefit of protecting that pretty face and scalp of hers from the unruly spring break sun, just don’t let her know!

Twirl & Company Leopard Fedora: Perhaps you have a chic and stylish girl that already loves to change up her everyday style with a cool chapeaux. Then get her something even more audacious, and let her go wild with this leopard fedora. She will be the chicest and coolest chic around when she hits the neighborhood with this hat.

Hot pink Smooches high tops by Penelope WildberryShoes:

Lelli Kelly Silver & Pink Floral Mid-High Top: These awesome sneakers are highly fashionable and are the perfect pair of shoes for your daughter this spring break. No matter what she is doing, playing at the park, running around with friends, or walking her favorite stores at the mall she will look incredibly fashionable and be ready for all different types of activities. Thanks to Lelli Kelly sneakers are no longer un-fashionable and boring!

Penelope Wildberry Ho Pink Smooches High Tops: Penelope Wildberry shoes carry that rock star elegance that will make your daughter look totally hip. The high-top style is very popular right now and adds style to any outfit. The pink and black colors are totally chic and will scream cool to anyone that cares to listen.

Whatever your daughter’s style let her enjoy her spring break with some new styles from Everything But The Princess and she will be one happy girl!