Hot Looks For Spring Break: Part Two

Those hot spring looks do not have to be complicated, in fact, during spring break the simpler the better. Everything But The Princess has those simple looks that your girl will love!


Flowers by Zoe Grey Love Shorts: The Power of Love is the simplest statement in the world. Let your little girl make that statement with these great cotton knit sweat-shorts. Love and peace is what it is all about during spring break when comfort usually takes precedent over fashion, but with these cute shorts by Zoe you can get both! Pair them with a tee or sweatshirt for the ultimate comfort and casual look for any day!

Twinkle Couture Juicy Raspberry Crown Bermuda Shorts: These hot pink shorts will make your daughter look like the royal princess she is even dressed down on spring break. The crown appliqué on the Bermuda shorts will make it obvious to anyone who see her just how royal she is! The bright pink color will make her happy and she will be ready to rule the best spring break ever.

Power of Love tank Flowers by ZoeTees:

Twinkle Couture Juicy White Cheetah Print perfume Tee: This adorable tee has a graphic print of a perfume bottle adorned with beautiful rhinestones. Your little girl will love the shiny glitz of this casual tee and it will make her feel special on her dressed down day. It pairs excellently with the Twinkle Couture Juicy Raspberry Crown Bermuda Shorts.

Flowers by Zoe Olive Power of Love Tank: This tee is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. It is simple in taste and elegance and carries the power of love motive. Your daughter will love its understated elegance and the mix-and-match quality it has with its flower printed backside. It pairs wonderfully with the Flowers by Zoe Grey Love Shorts and will be one of her favorite outfits to throw on when she wants to relax and maintain her favorite style.


Twirl & Company Plaid Fedora: Spring break is the perfect time to add some fun and freshness to your daughter’s style. So let her try out this fedora by Twirl and Company. The sassy style will show off her hip and cool personality and give her the chance to try something new. It also has the benefit of protecting that pretty face and scalp of hers from the unruly spring break sun, just don’t let her know!

Twirl & Company Leopard Fedora: Perhaps you have a chic and stylish girl that already loves to change up her everyday style with a cool chapeaux. Then get her something even more audacious, and let her go wild with this leopard fedora. She will be the chicest and coolest chic around when she hits the neighborhood with this hat.

Hot pink Smooches high tops by Penelope WildberryShoes:

Lelli Kelly Silver & Pink Floral Mid-High Top: These awesome sneakers are highly fashionable and are the perfect pair of shoes for your daughter this spring break. No matter what she is doing, playing at the park, running around with friends, or walking her favorite stores at the mall she will look incredibly fashionable and be ready for all different types of activities. Thanks to Lelli Kelly sneakers are no longer un-fashionable and boring!

Penelope Wildberry Ho Pink Smooches High Tops: Penelope Wildberry shoes carry that rock star elegance that will make your daughter look totally hip. The high-top style is very popular right now and adds style to any outfit. The pink and black colors are totally chic and will scream cool to anyone that cares to listen.

Whatever your daughter’s style let her enjoy her spring break with some new styles from Everything But The Princess and she will be one happy girl!


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