Girls Just Want to Have Fun: In Pettiskirts!

Yes we all know it; life can be a lot more fun dressed up. Forgive me for admitting this, but even grown women love to play dress up. Some women even prefer to do their housecleaning with a tiara. So of course little girls will love dressing up. So why not give your little girl something that will brighten her day and make even the most mundane daily activities and chores her favorite things to do? How you may ask, simply put her in a pettiskirt. Here at Everything But The Princess we have one of the most amazing pettiskirt selections available, and we just love how fun they are.

Belle Ame Pettidress in Pink Belle Ame Pink Pettidress: This gorgeous pink pettidress will make anything fun. Do you have trouble getting your little girl to clean her room each day? Is making her bed far too boring for her to attempt the task? Well everything seems more fun in this pettidress. The pink feathery frills in the pettidress will give her immense joy each time she wears it. She will love dressing up in this dress so much that she will want to wear it at every opportunity, and you can use that opportunity to get her room cleaned! Let her clean and play in this fun dress all day long.

Kaiya Eve Lavender Rainbow Pettiskirt: How do you make a pettiskirt even more fun and attractive to a little girl? Make it a rainbow. Now your little girl can dress up and pretend to be a fairy that floats high above the world up high near the rainbows. Let her imagine the different worlds she can travel to as she runs around the yard in this gorgeous petti flying amongst the rainbows that have colored her skirts and her world with incredible color and magic.

Kaiya Eve Vintage Floral & Stripe Dress 12m-6y: Tea-time is not complete without the perfect Tea dress. This Pettidress is the perfect addition to any dress-up box and tea party set. Let your daughter dress up her parties with this beautiful rose floral print vintage pettidress. She will feel like royalty at her next tea party with thisfrock on. Let he do up her tea party big, you supply the dress and tea, and she will provide the accents, fun, and imagination. And maybe a cookie or two.

Let your daughter imagine all the possibilities some pettiskirts will do for her when she plays dress up in them on a daily basis. After all, everything is more fun in a pettiskirt!



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