Superb Swim Wear: Frankie & Daisy

Swimming is a beloved past-time, on those sweltering hot summer days all you want to do is lay by the pool, or run through those cool sprinklers, anything to get a little wet and stay cool. Well we know important it is to a little girl to not only go swimming but have fun while doing it, and what better way to begin the fun than with a playful swim suit that will inspire those famously fun summer days. Now Everything But The Princess has those fun suits by Frankie & Daisy that will jumpstart any spectacular summer day.

Jungle safari Frankie & Daisy Swim Suit Frankie & Daisy “Jungle Safari” Zebra & Pink Polka Dot Ruffle Skirted 2-Pc: This zebra striped- tank and pink polka dot skirted suit will make your little girl the life of the party. She will love the bright and daring colors and patterns and how fun and playful she will feel in this sweet and sassy two piece. Her friends will love how cool she looks and ask where they could find such a cool suit.

I Heart Dots Frankie & Daisy Swim SuitFrankie & Daisy “I heart Dots” Pink & Green Polka Dots & Ruffle Skirted 2-Pc: This sassy two-piece is the perfect choice for spring and summer. The tank and skirt feature the bright pink, fuchsia, and lime green polka dots that give the suit its name. The skirt also features the perfect twirling skirted bottom, with its lime green underskirt your daughter can do twirls and enjoy a day of water dancing whether she is in the pool or playing in the grass with the sprinklers on. Best of all no matter where she is she will always be easy to spot in this brightly hued suit.

Animal Party bikini by Frankie & DaisyFrankie & Daisy Animal Party Lime Skirted Ruffle Bikini: This is one of the most playful suits available by Frankie & Daisy. Your little princess will gush over the zebra stripes and lime green polka dots. She will feel every bit a princess in the fun frilly skirt and you will be the coolest and smartest Mom ever when you snatch this suit up now for only $34.50 right now at Everything But The Princess.

Nautical themed Swim Suit by Frankie & DaisyFrankie & Daisy “Protect and Serve” Navy & Red Nautical Ruffle Skirted 2-Pc: This special two-piece will be the most amazing thing scene at the pool this year. The gorgeous blue and red colors are the perfect accent to the nautical theme. The bandana looking top and skirted bottom is so unique that she will feel like the only little girl in the world. The sweet sailor look is very retro and hip for this season; the suit even has a retro cut to the tank and slightly flared skirt.

Swimming Season is just around the corner so make sure you have your little girl outfitted for the time of her life this summer, just head over to Everything But The Princess and check out our great selections now!


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