Claesen’s Spring pre-orders: Amsterdam is Coming Home to You

In 1993 three friends in Amsterdam began designing clothes, and nearly 18 years later they are one of the most popular urban brands around the world. Right now Everything But The Princess has some of their spring 2011 collection up for pre-order. Now you can find some great urban dresses and swimsuits for your modern girl. Now you can bring home a little European Urban flair and suddenly your little girl will be one of the coolest girls on the street.

Black with White Buttons and Top Stitching Print Dress ClaesensBlack with White Buttons and Top Stitching Print Dress: This Uber cool black and white dress has a double row of white top stitching accenting the lines of each faux pocket and seam. The faux buttons give the dress a slight retro look while still maintaining its urban flair. Your daughter will love its retro look but modern cut.

1964 Striped Colorblock Dress Claesens1964 Striped Colorblock Dress: This fun tank dress will be perfect for spring and summer. Your daughter will be cool while looking cool. She may not have been around in 1964 but with this dress she can fake it. The colorblock is an incredibly trendy and interesting look that will make her stand out amongst her friends and their ordinary tank dresses. She will love the unique dress and wear it all season long.

Black and White Polka Dot and Striped Tankini *Preorder* ClaesensBlack and white Polka Dot and Striped Tankini: You can never go wrong with polka dots. They can e innocent and daring all in one fail swoop. Paired with the stripes and melon colored accents this polka dot tankini is incredibly hot for swim season. The skirted bottom is very hip and comfortable with its connected bottom, your daughter will feel like a total girly girl while still being able to break loose and have fun in the pool and beach this season. Check out this suit now and she will be the hottest thing in the sun this year, just make sure you remember the sun block!

Nautical Bikini *Preorder*ClaesensNautical Bikini: This cute little bikini will make your daughter feel like the little lady she is slowly becoming. The cut is flattering and mature enough to make her feel special, but the colors and style will still prove she is your little girl at heart. The melon color trim is perfect for a little girl in summer; her pretty tanned skin will make the color pop in the sparkling sun. Every time you see her you will be reminded of the fun-loving filled with personality young lady you are enjoying while she is still young.

Enjoy this season with your little girl and make it more enjoyable by prepping her with some great new outfits. The two of you will be thrilled with the results!


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