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Hope Couture: Style Spotlight

This week we are featuring an amazing new line that we have absolutely fallen in love with. When we first saw these gorgeous styles we knew that girls everywhere would be wearing them, and we wanted to make sure all of our fabulous customers had the chance to be the first trending these amazing dresses and tanks. Hope Couture is an amazing line that features some delightful dresses and totally cute tanks, skirts, and skorts. Girls will love their hip and fashionable style. Mom’s will love the incredible mix and match options. Buy just a couple of items and have a variety of outfits for everyday of the week, or any fantastic fashionista outing your may have in the works. This week check out three of our favorite outfits offered now.

Hope Couture White Tank Dress with Polka Dot Rhinestone Heart: This is a beautiful dress with a drop waist which will elongate your daughter’s torso giving her the allusion of height. It has a white tank top with a great polka heart appliqué surrounded by beautiful rhinestones. The skirt is a perfect polka dot tulle ruffled skirt that will soon become one of her favorite looks.

Hope Couture Black Cheetah Print Tulle Tutu Skort: This cheetah print tulle skort is perfect for school. It has amazing style and flair that willmake her feel good and prepare her to do her best on days when she is really just counting down days till summer, and is a skort which means she will be properly covered for all school activities. Pair it with this great Hope Couture White Tank with Cheetah Print heart, Tulle, and rhinestones. You can even add this great Hope Couture Black Rhinestone Shrug with Pink Cheetah Hoodie if she isn’t allowed to wear tank tops to school!

Hope Couture Black Zebra Tutu Skort: This is another great skort. Pair it with the Hope Couture Black Sparkle Tank. It even pairs excellently with the Zebra Hoodie Shrug. It is a fun outfit full of spunk and style sure to keep her ahead of the style curve.

Monkey Bar Buddies: A Girl’s Best Friend

Little girls love many things, kittens, puppies, sparkles, glitter, dresses, and monkey bars. But despite their love for the monkey bars combining it with their love for dresses can sometimes lead to disaster. Especially in those formative years when kids can be very mean to one another about private issues like underwear. I think we all remember that delightful children’s song from our own days on the monkey bars. “I see Paris, I see France, I see Sarah’s Underpants!!” While it can be embarrassing for your little girl to be stuck up in the air with her panties on display for the whole playground there is something you can do. Of course we all remember hearing our own mothers warn us to wear shorts, but then can be so bulky under a beautiful dress or skirt. That is why Monkey Bar Buddies and Everything But The Princess have the perfect solution to an age old problem. Monkey Bar Buddies are these great skin tight shorts that can be worn under skirts, dresses, or even leotards. They do not bunch and they are comfortable and fashionable. Best of all, they will help your daughter avoid a very real disaster, and steer clear of the world’s most horrible song. Available in several different styles and colors they are perfect for the great summer weather and they wash and wear with incredible durability. So check out some of the best styles and help your daughter avoid a bad day one pair at a time.

Monkey Bar Buddies – Peace Print: These pink, white, yellow, and purple peace sign and flower power shorts are adorable and perfect to wear under a floral skirt or dress, or something with a great funky style or pattern. Just like your daughter it is full of crazy personality and will make her feel fun and keep her covered.

Monkey Bar Buddies – Black and white Floral: A little more of a classic look, this black and white floral will look great under a more demure style. Or will pump up a plain black or white dress.

leopard Print Monkey Bar BuddiesMonkey Bar Buddies – Leopard: This is a definite style upgrade. The leopard print is perfect for that little girl full of sass and spunk. She may not always be the center of attention on her own but in these shorts she will definitely be, and if any song is made up about her it will be a tribute to her style!

Monkey Bar Buddies – Black: These shorts are an example of the solid colors the shorts come in. Pink, fuchsia, white, black and blue, all the colors your little princess will need for every dress in her closet.

Wild Mango: Princesses Meet Your Princes!


Here at Everything But The Princess we love our princesses but we cannot forget about our little princes. Now you can find some of the best clothes for your little princess and your little prince. No matter who you are buying for you will love Wild Mango’s new spring and summer line. This British Rock n Roll inspired line will look great on girls and boys. Now you can find the girls line at Everything But The Princess and the boys line at The Little King! It is that easy, just shop for your little prince and princess at Everything But The Princess and we can direct you to The Little King.

Everything But The Princess:

Wild Mango Rock Racer Back Dress: this soft knit black dress is so hip and rockin your daughter may just get a record deal for wearing it. The black dress is embellished with rockin silver stars. No matter what her rock n roll abilities may be, in this dress she will look the part.

Wild Mango British Flag Tee With Bling Mini Skirt Set: rock stars are practically royalty to most people, and what better way to declare yourself rock n roll royalty than by rockin the British flag. Everyone will know that your daughter is the next big thing in this great dress. You have always known she was a princess, now everyone will know that she is true royalty in this fantastic frock.

The Little King:

Wild Mango Black Rock Flag Tee: now the boys can rock n roll too. This great flag tee is the coolest thing that will ever hang in his closet. He can wear it to school or in front of his guitar hero as he rocks out with his friends. Everyone will know him as the rockstar in this shirt. After all, he is the prince of rock n roll.

Wild Mango Black Rock Tie-dye Tee: nothing describes rock n roll better than the guitar. It is rock n roll. Now your little prince can be the master of the guitar with this awesome tee. He will be the guitar god in this fantastic tee. Let him rock the shirt while he rocks the world.

Break Out The Frills!


Every girl loves a little frill and now at Everything But The Princess you can find all the frills a girl will ever need. Frillys offers some of the most beautiful leggings and tops with fun and funky frills to make any girl happy. Whether your little princess likes fancy frills, funky frills, or pretty frills you can find leggings that will make her day. We know that each little princess has their own look and their own personality. Let their clothes match their personality, expression is fun and easy with these great designs by Frillys. Pick a look that will highlight your daughters personality so that when people see her they know right away what she loves, whether she loves a classic fancy style, a fun and funky style, or that pretty, pretty princess style, Frillys has the perfect selection just for her.

Funky: Frillys White and Multi- Color Floral Leggings are perfect for a funky look. Pair it with the funky top for a fantastic look that is fun and wild for that little princess with the crazy fun personality.

Fancy: Frillys Black and White Leggings have the flair for the dramatic and fancy with it’s black on white look. This look carries that classic fancy look with the tone on tone color selection. Your daughter will feel like Audrey Hepburn in this classic look. She will indeed be a princess among princesses in this fantastic frill.

Pretty: Frillys Pink with Floral Ruffles Leggings is the perfect pretty look for a pretty, pretty princess. Pink is the perfect look for a pretty princess. Floral patterns are the epitome of pretty in the princess wardrobe. Let her be the prettiest princess no matter where she is in these great leggings. Want her to be even prettier, pair them with the matching shirt.

Frillys has an amazing selection of leggings and tops. Come in today and see the other great options for your little princess. With so many colors and patterns to choose from you will walk away happy and stylish!



Totally Hip Accessories: Part Two

Our accessories are so cool they can stand alone in an outfit. Your daughter will love going back to her favorite accessories, but we have so many to choose from she will love finding new ones. Check out some of these new headbands that double as a hat. Or our gorgeous crocheted hats. No matter what kind of day she is having our hats will top it off with style.

Black Hat Feather Headband Reema DesignsReema Designs Black Hat Feather Headband: This is a new fun and funky headband with a hat attached to it. Your daughter will love wearing this hat without worrying about getting hat hair. She can fix her hair nice and still slide on this sweet headband and its adorning hat and look funky and stylish! This black, white, and pink style with a black and white feather is hip and funky for that daring girl!

Reema Designs Red Headband with White Tulle: This style has a slightly more classic look for a girl with class and style. The White doily-like hat is gorgeous and understated. The bright read tulle feather lends its spunk to the white hat, and the person who wears it!

Straw Hat with Pink Feathers Reema DesignsReema Designs Straw Hat with Pink Feathers: This is a gorgeous pink and white creation that will let your daughter show off her girly side. Every girl wants to go a little crazy with her pretty accessories every now and then. This is the perfect choice for that day. The white and pink are such sweet combinations they make people think of innocence and sweetness, think sweet cupcakes, soft baby blankets. But combined with some crazy feathers and a pretty flower they create a more fashion forward cool, and sassy look. Your daughter will be on the cutting edge of fashion, and she will feel wild and innocent all at the same time.

Screaming Beauty Red with Red Flower Hat: Red is one of the most daring colors in the spectrum. It makes people think of passion and all things wild, crazy, and bold. Let your daughter be a little bold. Boldness is good in small doses. Your daughter could be whatever she wants to be, give her the boldness to believe that. Boldness is a feeling; it is a moment of power, a moment of confidence. Your daughter can feel all these thingswith just one great day, one great grade, and one great outfit. Anything that makes us feel good can give us power. This great bold and beautiful hat will give your daughter that edge she needs on a tough day. Red is empowering, empower your daughter and give her the opportunity to have a great day!

Totally Hip Accessories

Accessories can be the thing that makes or breaks a great look. That is why at Everything But The Princess we offer some amazing accessories that will keep your little girl looking great no matter how she wears them! Let he pick her own accessories from belts to hats, to bags. We have great colors and styles she will love any day of the year.

Taylor Swift BagPauz Recycled Notebagz Taylor Swift and Twilight: These super trendy purses are all the rage right now. Your tween will love them. Pick from Taylor Swift, one of the hottest singers, and Twilight, the book/movie craze that everyone has fallen in love with. These trendy purses are made from original music and movie products such as magazine pages, CD covers, and other paper media. They are laminate to protect the bag and accented with denim sides and a chain strap. This is an amazing gift for any girl. Twilight Handbag

Rockin Robin Fuchsia Leather Fergie Multi Color Peace Sign belt: A belt fit for a princess. These belts are made of the finest leather and look hot with any jeans your daughter adores. She will love the bright colors and the rhinestone embellished buckle. This one is multi-hued and will attract so much attention it may start its own fan club!

Rockin Robin Black Leather Fergie Clear Peace Sign Belt: Much like its multi-hued sister this black version has a rhinestone embellished buckle. However, it has a mellow and cool black leather belt and is adorned with a clear crystal buckle. For a more understated statement this is the belt that will attract looks but also keep the attention on the outfit and less on the belt. Black Leather Fergie Clear Peace Sign Rockin Robin

Robin Fuchsia Leather Belt with Raven Pink HeartRockin Robin Fuchsia Leather Belt with Raven Pink Heart: Your daughter will adore this bright fuchsia leather belt is adorned with a great heart-shaped buckle that will have everyone swooning, and soon everyone will be helplessly in love with it. The rhinestone embellished belt has red, pink, and clear crystals, creating a great look that will always make you daughter feel tinkled pink to wear it.

Rockin Robin Hot Pink Suede Belt with Raven Pink Heart: This belt is a lot like its fuchsia counterpart, but it offers a new element that your daughter will love, a suede belt. It is nice to switch it up every now and then, and with this suede belt she will have a whole new lease on any outfit.

Check back on Thursday for some other great accessories!

Easter Choices: Baby Girls

Easter is creeping up quickly. Do you have the perfect Easter ensemble for your baby girl yet? Well look no further than Everything But The Princess. We have some of the best choices for your baby girl this Easter. She will look just as precious as the little sweetheart she is.

Dinah Lounge Set by Luna Luna TaffyLuna Luna Taffy2Pc. Dinah Lounge Set: This dress and bloomer set is an excellent choice for Easter Sunday. It is delicate and pink with vines and flowers, how appropriate for spring. The sweet boy around the neckline is the perfect accent if her hair is up off of her neck; it will look amazing with some sweet tendril curls. Pair with the Pom Pom Hairband Dream Collection Light Pink and highlight her beautiful baby hair.

Domi Pink Floral Dress Room SevenRoom seven Domi Pink Floral Dress: This precious outfit is just right for Easter. The little flowers are just right for the beginning of spring. The pretty pinks and greens will make your little girl look like she is blooming right along with the great new season. Pair with these Primigi Andes Azelea White Patent Mary Janes and let her run around as long as her little legs will carry her this Easter. White Patent Mary Jane Shoe Primigi Andes / Azelea

Kaiya Eve Pink Rainbow Baby Dress: This sweet little ruffled dress is perfect for your baby girl this Easter. It has all the bright colors of spring and Easter. The pinks, Yellows, and Blues go together like peanut butter and jelly. Pair with this Baby’s in Bloom Isobella Gerbera Daisy Clip. It will give your baby girl the sweetest look at the Easter get together this year. Everyone will love how sweet she looks as she hunts for eggs.

Fashion Highlight: Beach Rey’s Swimwear

Swimwear is one of those items you absolutely have to have for spring and summer, and it HAS to be stylish. Half the fun in putting on a new swimsuit is enjoying the fun details about it, and Beach Rey Swimwear has some spectacular details in their super spring and summer swimwear line this season. Check out some of the hottest swimwear available for your little princess at Everything But The Princess now. You will love the selections, and they may just remind you of a favorite song of ours. She wore and itsy bitsy, teeny weeny…

Beach Ray’s Red and white Polka Dot One Piece: This gorgeous polka dot one piece has a beautiful skirted bottom that you will LOVE. Perfect polka dots make this red and white suit a masterpiece. Your little girl will not only look great this swim season she will have the time of her life. After all, who could have a bad day covered in polka dots?

Red and White Polka Dot One Piece Beach Rey'sBeach Rey’s Red and White Polka Dot Bikini: Break out the sunscreen this is the bikini that will make your little girls day. This bikini version of the red and white polka dot suit is to die for. The skirted bottom adds a little extra coverage to the bottom and gives your daughter the chance to play twirly twirl in her new favorite suit.

Red and White Polka Dot Bikini Beach Rey'sYellow and White Polka Dot Bikini Beach Rey's

Beach Ray’s Yellow and White Polka Dot Bikini: She wore and itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. It is time to teach your daughter a new song! She will love singing this song that totally embodies her beautiful new swim suit. Want to make swimming an educational experience? Teach it to her in France, not only will she love her new suit; she can impress her friends with her worldly nature. Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny, Weeny, Tout Petit, Petit Bikini.

Yellow and White Polka Dot One Piece Beach Rey'sBeach Rey’s Yellow and White Polka Dot One Piece: Not looking for a bikini? You and your daughter will love the one piece just as much as the bikini. Enjoy it anywhere, the beach, the lake, the pool, or even in the sprinklers!