Fashion Highlight: Beach Rey’s Swimwear

Swimwear is one of those items you absolutely have to have for spring and summer, and it HAS to be stylish. Half the fun in putting on a new swimsuit is enjoying the fun details about it, and Beach Rey Swimwear has some spectacular details in their super spring and summer swimwear line this season. Check out some of the hottest swimwear available for your little princess at Everything But The Princess now. You will love the selections, and they may just remind you of a favorite song of ours. She wore and itsy bitsy, teeny weeny…

Beach Ray’s Red and white Polka Dot One Piece: This gorgeous polka dot one piece has a beautiful skirted bottom that you will LOVE. Perfect polka dots make this red and white suit a masterpiece. Your little girl will not only look great this swim season she will have the time of her life. After all, who could have a bad day covered in polka dots?

Red and White Polka Dot One Piece Beach Rey'sBeach Rey’s Red and White Polka Dot Bikini: Break out the sunscreen this is the bikini that will make your little girls day. This bikini version of the red and white polka dot suit is to die for. The skirted bottom adds a little extra coverage to the bottom and gives your daughter the chance to play twirly twirl in her new favorite suit.

Red and White Polka Dot Bikini Beach Rey'sYellow and White Polka Dot Bikini Beach Rey's

Beach Ray’s Yellow and White Polka Dot Bikini: She wore and itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. It is time to teach your daughter a new song! She will love singing this song that totally embodies her beautiful new swim suit. Want to make swimming an educational experience? Teach it to her in France, not only will she love her new suit; she can impress her friends with her worldly nature. Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny, Weeny, Tout Petit, Petit Bikini.

Yellow and White Polka Dot One Piece Beach Rey'sBeach Rey’s Yellow and White Polka Dot One Piece: Not looking for a bikini? You and your daughter will love the one piece just as much as the bikini. Enjoy it anywhere, the beach, the lake, the pool, or even in the sprinklers!



  1. tuesday

    I was wondering where I could get the red and white polka dot one piece swim suit for my daughter she wears a two tee

    1. Hi, Tuesday! I’m so sorry – we ran out of that suit almost right away (well, that’s what you get when you feature it, hunh?) You can find the red/white bikini here: I was surprised to find that I couldn’t find the one-piece anywhere online besides our store. ? We have another cute red/white one-piece here:, and you can search for Kate Mack. We our out of stock in the red/white models, but they have made a red/white polka dot suit every year for the last few years. đŸ™‚ Good Luck!

  2. Mayra Galvan

    Where can i find the red and white polka dot swimsuit? I cant seem to find it anywhere. I guess the links have expired? I need it for my 2yr old. Thank you

    1. Hi, Mayra!
      Yes, this is an old post, but you’re in luck! We did receive the red & white polka dot bikini in again this season, and you can find it here.

      We also have a few similar suits, like this one from Seafolly.
      And these from Kate Mack.
      And of course you can view our entire collection here. (Sort options are available by size and style.)

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