Totally Hip Accessories: Part Two

Our accessories are so cool they can stand alone in an outfit. Your daughter will love going back to her favorite accessories, but we have so many to choose from she will love finding new ones. Check out some of these new headbands that double as a hat. Or our gorgeous crocheted hats. No matter what kind of day she is having our hats will top it off with style.

Black Hat Feather Headband Reema DesignsReema Designs Black Hat Feather Headband: This is a new fun and funky headband with a hat attached to it. Your daughter will love wearing this hat without worrying about getting hat hair. She can fix her hair nice and still slide on this sweet headband and its adorning hat and look funky and stylish! This black, white, and pink style with a black and white feather is hip and funky for that daring girl!

Reema Designs Red Headband with White Tulle: This style has a slightly more classic look for a girl with class and style. The White doily-like hat is gorgeous and understated. The bright read tulle feather lends its spunk to the white hat, and the person who wears it!

Straw Hat with Pink Feathers Reema DesignsReema Designs Straw Hat with Pink Feathers: This is a gorgeous pink and white creation that will let your daughter show off her girly side. Every girl wants to go a little crazy with her pretty accessories every now and then. This is the perfect choice for that day. The white and pink are such sweet combinations they make people think of innocence and sweetness, think sweet cupcakes, soft baby blankets. But combined with some crazy feathers and a pretty flower they create a more fashion forward cool, and sassy look. Your daughter will be on the cutting edge of fashion, and she will feel wild and innocent all at the same time.

Screaming Beauty Red with Red Flower Hat: Red is one of the most daring colors in the spectrum. It makes people think of passion and all things wild, crazy, and bold. Let your daughter be a little bold. Boldness is good in small doses. Your daughter could be whatever she wants to be, give her the boldness to believe that. Boldness is a feeling; it is a moment of power, a moment of confidence. Your daughter can feel all these thingswith just one great day, one great grade, and one great outfit. Anything that makes us feel good can give us power. This great bold and beautiful hat will give your daughter that edge she needs on a tough day. Red is empowering, empower your daughter and give her the opportunity to have a great day!


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