Wild Mango: Princesses Meet Your Princes!


Here at Everything But The Princess we love our princesses but we cannot forget about our little princes. Now you can find some of the best clothes for your little princess and your little prince. No matter who you are buying for you will love Wild Mango’s new spring and summer line. This British Rock n Roll inspired line will look great on girls and boys. Now you can find the girls line at Everything But The Princess and the boys line at The Little King! It is that easy, just shop for your little prince and princess at Everything But The Princess and we can direct you to The Little King.

Everything But The Princess:

Wild Mango Rock Racer Back Dress: this soft knit black dress is so hip and rockin your daughter may just get a record deal for wearing it. The black dress is embellished with rockin silver stars. No matter what her rock n roll abilities may be, in this dress she will look the part.

Wild Mango British Flag Tee With Bling Mini Skirt Set: rock stars are practically royalty to most people, and what better way to declare yourself rock n roll royalty than by rockin the British flag. Everyone will know that your daughter is the next big thing in this great dress. You have always known she was a princess, now everyone will know that she is true royalty in this fantastic frock.

The Little King:

Wild Mango Black Rock Flag Tee: now the boys can rock n roll too. This great flag tee is the coolest thing that will ever hang in his closet. He can wear it to school or in front of his guitar hero as he rocks out with his friends. Everyone will know him as the rockstar in this shirt. After all, he is the prince of rock n roll.

Wild Mango Black Rock Tie-dye Tee: nothing describes rock n roll better than the guitar. It is rock n roll. Now your little prince can be the master of the guitar with this awesome tee. He will be the guitar god in this fantastic tee. Let him rock the shirt while he rocks the world.


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