Monkey Bar Buddies: A Girl’s Best Friend

Little girls love many things, kittens, puppies, sparkles, glitter, dresses, and monkey bars. But despite their love for the monkey bars combining it with their love for dresses can sometimes lead to disaster. Especially in those formative years when kids can be very mean to one another about private issues like underwear. I think we all remember that delightful children’s song from our own days on the monkey bars. “I see Paris, I see France, I see Sarah’s Underpants!!” While it can be embarrassing for your little girl to be stuck up in the air with her panties on display for the whole playground there is something you can do. Of course we all remember hearing our own mothers warn us to wear shorts, but then can be so bulky under a beautiful dress or skirt. That is why Monkey Bar Buddies and Everything But The Princess have the perfect solution to an age old problem. Monkey Bar Buddies are these great skin tight shorts that can be worn under skirts, dresses, or even leotards. They do not bunch and they are comfortable and fashionable. Best of all, they will help your daughter avoid a very real disaster, and steer clear of the world’s most horrible song. Available in several different styles and colors they are perfect for the great summer weather and they wash and wear with incredible durability. So check out some of the best styles and help your daughter avoid a bad day one pair at a time.

Monkey Bar Buddies – Peace Print: These pink, white, yellow, and purple peace sign and flower power shorts are adorable and perfect to wear under a floral skirt or dress, or something with a great funky style or pattern. Just like your daughter it is full of crazy personality and will make her feel fun and keep her covered.

Monkey Bar Buddies – Black and white Floral: A little more of a classic look, this black and white floral will look great under a more demure style. Or will pump up a plain black or white dress.

leopard Print Monkey Bar BuddiesMonkey Bar Buddies – Leopard: This is a definite style upgrade. The leopard print is perfect for that little girl full of sass and spunk. She may not always be the center of attention on her own but in these shorts she will definitely be, and if any song is made up about her it will be a tribute to her style!

Monkey Bar Buddies – Black: These shorts are an example of the solid colors the shorts come in. Pink, fuchsia, white, black and blue, all the colors your little princess will need for every dress in her closet.



  1. Never mind found them just dont know how to order or how much!!!

    1. Tisha- just click the link for the pair you like and it will take you directly to the site for ordering information! Enjoy!

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