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Tickled Pink!



Little girls all over the world enjoy the color pink, so why not cater to some of their favorite things this summer. Summer is a time to lay back and enjoy the world around us. So let’s all enjoy a little sweetness, softness, style, and summer fun this year with just a little help from our favorite girls store Everything But The Princess. Everything But The Princess carries the best in all those things little girls love for summer, and a lot of them come in the color pink. So hurry over and check out some of the amazing pink styles that will wow and amaze your little girl this summer. You will both be tickled pink with the incredible selection of styles!

Beach Rey’s Pink Ballerina One Piece With Tulle Skirt: Great for your little ballerina or your little ballerina fan. It is a sweet swim suit that will look great and function perfectly. The sweet skirt is fun and flirty and will make swimming feel like a water ballet, and your daughter will be the prima donna star!

Deux Par Deux Irresistible Pink Gingham Shorts: Sweet and precious, these shorts are great for summer. They are the epitome of cool and casual which is great for any summer day or night. Your daughter will love the laid-back feel of these great shorts and will get into the summer mood faster than the speed of light when she sees them in her closet.

Flowers by Zoe Hot Pink Tunic Tank with Smiley Faces: This spectacular smiley tunic is perfect for summer. It is happy, breezy, and perfectly pink. It goes grand with a pair of shorts or leggings. No matter how she plans to wear it she will feel the power of a smiley face as she starts her day!

L’Amour Shoes and Sandals Fuchsia Highback Rhinestone Sandal: L’Amour shoes and sandals offer a great selection of beautiful shoes for the fashion minded girl. These great sandals are the perfect color pink for summer and feature glamorous rhinestones that will make any girl feel like a princess.

Pickle Shoes!



Sure pickles are a great summer food, tangy and sweet and perfect with a sandwich. But did you know that they also make great shoes? Well ok, wrong kind of pickle, but hey this shoes sure are sweet! Everything But The Princess now has the amazing new Pickle shoes. These great shoes are a new style of convertible Mary Jane design. Each pair of shoes features a gorgeous 3 layer flower clip accented with a sparkling crystal centerpiece which hides or accentuates the tulle puff accent on each shoe. What is even better than shoes with some bling, and tulle? How about shoes that ensure a perfectly snug fit by adjusting over the top of the foot and at the ankle. Now you can have a gorgeous shoe, and a perfect fit. Cinderella will be green with envy!

Pickle Hot Pink Convertible Tulle Pouf Mary Jane: girls will love these hot pink shoes, not only do they have great style they also carry a lot of attitude and sass. Now your little girls sassy and spunky personality will truly come out of her from head to toe!

Pickle Light Pink Convertible Tulle Pouf Mary Jane: while the hot pink shoes carry sass and style these light pink shoes are all about sweetness, innocence, and beauty. Your daughter will love how cute and pretty she is in these amazing new shoes.

Pickle Silver Convertible Tulle Pouf Mary Jane: Silver is beautiful, timeless, and classic. Your daughter will feel like Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. A classic beauty highlighting her beautiful and classic style. Though you may have to explain who Audrey Hepburn is!

Pickle Gold Convertible Tulle Pouf Mary Jane: Girls love gold and glitter. And your little girl will love these golden shoes. They will make her feel like a princess preparing for her coronation.

New Arrivals: Harajuku Lovers



This month Everything But The Princess has some amazing options for the girl with style, sass, and spunk. Harajuku Lovers is an amazing line that caters to young girls with a love of anime and all things Japanese. Harajuku Lovers is centered around the fun fashion sense of the streets of Tokyo. Founded and designed by singer Gwen Stefani it revolves around the fashion influences of the Harajuku Girls the club kids of Tokyo’s Harajuku Street. After a visit in 1996 Stefani fell in love with the style and novelty look and carried the idea with her when she introduced a line many years later. Now this novelty line titled Harajuku Lovers features anime characters Love, Angel, Music, and Baby (LAMB.) The clothes all feature lyrically-rooted original artwork by Gwen Stefani. The designs are fun, sassy, and youthful for girls of all ages. Check out some of the great items new to the store!

Harajuku Lovers Nautical Knit Skirt: This blue nautical themed skirt has a pleated skirt bottom with a nautical rope and the HL initials in white. It pairs excellently with any of the great tops and makes for a great summer outfit.

Harajuku Lovers Nautical Love Tee: a great shirt to pair with the nautical skirt. Tis top is white with blue horizontal stripes, it is an off-the-shoulder blouse with tank straps to ensure it stays on and features a little Harajuku girl in a red sailor dress with a sailors hat. It is the perfect summer “sailor” look. Girls will love the colors and sassy girly appearance of the nautical theme.

Harajuku Lovers Red Nautical Girl Dress: this red tank dress also carries the nautical style but enhances it with the burnt red color. Girls will love the new spin on the nautical look, and they will love the ease with which they can wear such a stylish dress all summer long.

Harajuku Lovers Love 2 Skate Hooded Tank: this hooded tank has a little more of an edge to it than the nautical collection. It features a skateboarding girl on a blue hooded tank. It is great for a casual look that says I am a strong girl that loves to be who I am. Your girls will love the versatility of the hood, as it shades them from a hot sunny day or shields them from a sudden summer rain, or even just looks cool for the sake of being cool!

Leg Ruffles: The 80’s Are Back!


Most of us Mom’s can remember a time when we did not leave our house without our leg warmers, even if it was the middle of summer and we lived in california or Florida. The days of cut-up sweatshirts, leg warmers, big hair, and shirts tied on the side of our hips. Oh those were the good ol’ days. Fashion at it’s best. Well guess what ladies, now our girls can experience some of the best of the 80’s, and with a little more style than we ever did! Tiny Turnip has found a way to bring the 80’s leg waters into the 21st century. Now leg warmers come with ruffles, pretty lace, and gorgeous colors. Now our girls are all ready to learn about the 80’s. Let them pair these great tubular tights with their skirts, skirts, shorts, tanks, or even tees. They can mix and match for some unique styles or wear them so they can style a great outfit. No matter what they do they will love the look.

Tiny Turnip Pink With Black Stripe Arm/Leg Ruffles: these pink arm/ leg ruffles are light pink with three black stripes across the arm, and some gorgeous black lace ruffles at the end. They will definitely be fun and fashionable this summer.

Tiny Turnip Pink 3 Stripe Arm/Leg Ruffles: these white ruffles with three pink stripes are equally cool. They are the perfect light color for summer, and will pair well with anything with pink or white tones.

Tiny Turnip Hot Pink & Black 5 Stripe Ruffled Arm or Leg Ruffles: these bad boys are the coolest set on the block. The hot pink mixed with the black gives off a total “bad” look. Your daughter will feel strong and powerful in this color combination. It is all about the rockstar, bad girl, rebel without a cause, girl-power look when these come out of the closet.

Tiny Turnip White With Bubblegum Pink Arm/Leg Ruffles: these bubblegum colored ruffles are super sweet. They are just the thing for the girl next door, or the girl that wants to feel like the girl next door for the day. We all have different moods and personalities, let your daunted experiment with her look based on her mood. Se can be rockstar one day, and innocent as a peach the next.

Now you should break out the 80’s movies and music, get those girls in the mood to show off their cool new style. We highly suggest some Bangles and Go-Go’s. Get those girls in the mood to move it!