Leg Ruffles: The 80’s Are Back!


Most of us Mom’s can remember a time when we did not leave our house without our leg warmers, even if it was the middle of summer and we lived in california or Florida. The days of cut-up sweatshirts, leg warmers, big hair, and shirts tied on the side of our hips. Oh those were the good ol’ days. Fashion at it’s best. Well guess what ladies, now our girls can experience some of the best of the 80’s, and with a little more style than we ever did! Tiny Turnip has found a way to bring the 80’s leg waters into the 21st century. Now leg warmers come with ruffles, pretty lace, and gorgeous colors. Now our girls are all ready to learn about the 80’s. Let them pair these great tubular tights with their skirts, skirts, shorts, tanks, or even tees. They can mix and match for some unique styles or wear them so they can style a great outfit. No matter what they do they will love the look.

Tiny Turnip Pink With Black Stripe Arm/Leg Ruffles: these pink arm/ leg ruffles are light pink with three black stripes across the arm, and some gorgeous black lace ruffles at the end. They will definitely be fun and fashionable this summer.

Tiny Turnip Pink 3 Stripe Arm/Leg Ruffles: these white ruffles with three pink stripes are equally cool. They are the perfect light color for summer, and will pair well with anything with pink or white tones.

Tiny Turnip Hot Pink & Black 5 Stripe Ruffled Arm or Leg Ruffles: these bad boys are the coolest set on the block. The hot pink mixed with the black gives off a total “bad” look. Your daughter will feel strong and powerful in this color combination. It is all about the rockstar, bad girl, rebel without a cause, girl-power look when these come out of the closet.

Tiny Turnip White With Bubblegum Pink Arm/Leg Ruffles: these bubblegum colored ruffles are super sweet. They are just the thing for the girl next door, or the girl that wants to feel like the girl next door for the day. We all have different moods and personalities, let your daunted experiment with her look based on her mood. Se can be rockstar one day, and innocent as a peach the next.

Now you should break out the 80’s movies and music, get those girls in the mood to show off their cool new style. We highly suggest some Bangles and Go-Go’s. Get those girls in the mood to move it!


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