New Arrivals: Harajuku Lovers



This month Everything But The Princess has some amazing options for the girl with style, sass, and spunk. Harajuku Lovers is an amazing line that caters to young girls with a love of anime and all things Japanese. Harajuku Lovers is centered around the fun fashion sense of the streets of Tokyo. Founded and designed by singer Gwen Stefani it revolves around the fashion influences of the Harajuku Girls the club kids of Tokyo’s Harajuku Street. After a visit in 1996 Stefani fell in love with the style and novelty look and carried the idea with her when she introduced a line many years later. Now this novelty line titled Harajuku Lovers features anime characters Love, Angel, Music, and Baby (LAMB.) The clothes all feature lyrically-rooted original artwork by Gwen Stefani. The designs are fun, sassy, and youthful for girls of all ages. Check out some of the great items new to the store!

Harajuku Lovers Nautical Knit Skirt: This blue nautical themed skirt has a pleated skirt bottom with a nautical rope and the HL initials in white. It pairs excellently with any of the great tops and makes for a great summer outfit.

Harajuku Lovers Nautical Love Tee: a great shirt to pair with the nautical skirt. Tis top is white with blue horizontal stripes, it is an off-the-shoulder blouse with tank straps to ensure it stays on and features a little Harajuku girl in a red sailor dress with a sailors hat. It is the perfect summer “sailor” look. Girls will love the colors and sassy girly appearance of the nautical theme.

Harajuku Lovers Red Nautical Girl Dress: this red tank dress also carries the nautical style but enhances it with the burnt red color. Girls will love the new spin on the nautical look, and they will love the ease with which they can wear such a stylish dress all summer long.

Harajuku Lovers Love 2 Skate Hooded Tank: this hooded tank has a little more of an edge to it than the nautical collection. It features a skateboarding girl on a blue hooded tank. It is great for a casual look that says I am a strong girl that loves to be who I am. Your girls will love the versatility of the hood, as it shades them from a hot sunny day or shields them from a sudden summer rain, or even just looks cool for the sake of being cool!


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  1. Joys

    All are adorable! but I like the blue top the most! Thanks Harajuku Lovers!

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