Pickle Shoes!



Sure pickles are a great summer food, tangy and sweet and perfect with a sandwich. But did you know that they also make great shoes? Well ok, wrong kind of pickle, but hey this shoes sure are sweet! Everything But The Princess now has the amazing new Pickle shoes. These great shoes are a new style of convertible Mary Jane design. Each pair of shoes features a gorgeous 3 layer flower clip accented with a sparkling crystal centerpiece which hides or accentuates the tulle puff accent on each shoe. What is even better than shoes with some bling, and tulle? How about shoes that ensure a perfectly snug fit by adjusting over the top of the foot and at the ankle. Now you can have a gorgeous shoe, and a perfect fit. Cinderella will be green with envy!

Pickle Hot Pink Convertible Tulle Pouf Mary Jane: girls will love these hot pink shoes, not only do they have great style they also carry a lot of attitude and sass. Now your little girls sassy and spunky personality will truly come out of her from head to toe!

Pickle Light Pink Convertible Tulle Pouf Mary Jane: while the hot pink shoes carry sass and style these light pink shoes are all about sweetness, innocence, and beauty. Your daughter will love how cute and pretty she is in these amazing new shoes.

Pickle Silver Convertible Tulle Pouf Mary Jane: Silver is beautiful, timeless, and classic. Your daughter will feel like Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. A classic beauty highlighting her beautiful and classic style. Though you may have to explain who Audrey Hepburn is!

Pickle Gold Convertible Tulle Pouf Mary Jane: Girls love gold and glitter. And your little girl will love these golden shoes. They will make her feel like a princess preparing for her coronation.


1 Comment

  1. Tanja

    They are georgous! I would love to see it on my little girl, but we live in Bosnia and the shipping costs are too high, unfortunatelly.

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