Je l’adore Catimini: Fall Pre-order 2011

This fall France is moving closer to you, no matter where you are. Now France can be anywhere you want to be with the Fall 2011 Catimini Collection at Everything But The Princess. Now your daughter can fit in on the French runways or while still fitting in at school.  Although these great Fall Pre-orders will not ship until August, you can preview and order them now at Everything But The Princess. Check out some of the “modes superbes” (superb fashions) available now!

Catimini Labo Rouge Corduroy Fall Short*Pre-order*: These gorgeous red shorts with front and back pockets pair excellently with tights for a great autumn/fall look. Grab some great boots for a sophisticated European look that is not only stylish but perfect for rainy days that crop up in those fall months.

Catimini Labo Rouge and Charcoal Fairaisle Sweater *Pre-order*: Sure you want to keep her warm this fall, but you can do warm or you can do HOT! This sweater is hot. Paired with the Labo rouge shorts they make a fashion statement that will set our daughter up as the girl who knows how to pull off greatness. Hopefully that greatness will translate into great studies too!

Catimini FairAisle SweaterCatimini Labo rouge and Charcoal Striped Pom Pom Tight *Pre-order*: These Pom Pom tights add fun and whimsy to the entire outfit. Not only will they keep your little girl warm on those brisk fall days they will also be fun to put on each morning. Let her enjoy being a girl and pick all sorts of different tights for her outfits this fall. She can change her style with a simple pair of tights!


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