Oilily Fall 2011 Pre-orders Starts Today!

Oilily Czarina Cameo Print Tirza Skirt * PreorderOilily first established itself in 1963 as the answer to the blasé children’s wardrobes available at the time, can anyone say blue and pink? Since then Oilily has broken down the boring and brought it into the brand new and beautiful. With color inspirations and influences from all over the world Oilily strives to bring their clients the best pieces of every culture, making the most creative and unique pieces available for children’s clothing. Now they have struck gold again with their upcoming fall 2011 collection and you can see it here at Everything But The Princess first when you preview and pre-order the fall line beginning today. Orders will begin shipping in August. So hurry in to see the greatest hits of this fall season while it is still hot out!

Oilily Dark Pink Long Sleeves Czarina Top *Pre-Order*: This Russian inspired top is just perfect for fall. It will keep your little princess warm in those cold months ahead; after all it was inspired by Russia! The bright colors and flowers are wonderful accents to the beautiful Czarina that inspires this great top, a princess for a princess.

Oilily Czarina Cameo Print Tirza Skirt *Pre-Order*: This beautiful skirt is a perfect match for the Czarina top.  It has little cameo memories of a beautiful Russia, including little Czarina’s, pretty little pooches, and some amazing Russian inspired patterns and prints. The skirt is perfect for those early fall weeks when the weather is still warm, but can be paired with some terrific tights for more intense weather.

Oilily Red Dutchy Cord Shaza Skirt * PreorderOilily Stripe Make Things Happen Top *Pre-Order*: This precocious little top will help make your daughter a believer in the positive. The top says, “Make New Things happen” an excellent mantra for a growing girl learning new things in an ever-expanding world. Help her to understand that the whole world is open to her in this great quote. It may just become her new favorite top!

Oilily Red Dutchy Cord Shaza Skirt *Pre-Order*: This great skirt pairs excellently with the Make Things Happen Top. Its Dutch origins are innocent and quaint, and give that spark of newness and innocence to your daughter that will help her to feel brand new and special every day. Let her start each day in this outfit with something new and exciting. You can make it a tradition that when she wears this outfit she tries something outside of her comfort zone. Does she not like a certain food, today we try it! Afraid of making new friends? Today she talks to a new person at school. Help her to improve herself in fun new ways!


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