3 Cheers for 3 Pommes: Pre-Orders Available Now!

3 Pommes is a spectacular brand for children, infants to size 12. They are well known for their amazing range of colors and fabric patterns and prints and make a great outfit for any young child. Children enjoy clothes that are original and fun, 3 Pommes strives to offer original and purely creative pieces of clothing that will not only keep your little ones up to date on the trend scene, but also comfortable in the trendiest clothes. After all, who wants to wear the popular trends if they are rearranging their clothes or itching in them all day, certainly not a kid? That’s why all the 3 Pommes clothes are comfortable and cool, no matter what! And now you can check out the fall 2011 collection of 3 Pommes at Everything But The Princess and pre-order them for your little princess so that she can be way ahead of the trend curve this fall. You can pre-order now and they will begin shipping in August. So check them out and see what trends you and your girl want to get in on!

3 Pommes Plum Pink Reversible Fur Vest *Preorder*3 Pommes White Just Dance Tee Shirt *Pre-Order*: This fantastic tee shirt will keep your little princess dancing for hours. The long-sleeve white tee has bold graphic fuchsia and black images that will want to get her own her feet and get moving to the beat!

3 Pommes Plum Pink Reversible Fur Vest *Pre-Order*: This fun and funky fur vest is fuchsia and black and ties across the chest for a closed appearance, but can also be worn open to show off the shirt underneath it. It adds some funk to any cool outfit, and will definitely make any outfit at least 50% cooler.

3 Pommes Plum Pink Plaid Skirt *Pre-Order*: This cute skirt is the perfect skirt to finish off a look of fun and funk. Pair it with the fur vest and just dance tee. It pumps up your little girl’s glam factor!

3 Pommes gray Tights with Plum Leg Warmers *Pre-Order*: Complete the look with these great tights. The charcoal color is the perfect fall look, but add the fuchsia leg warmers and you have the coolest outfit ever to grace your daughter’s closet. All her friends will be envious of this hip look.

3 Pommes Fuchsia Crown Tee *Preorder*3 Pommes Black Whisker Denim Mini Skirt *Pre-Order*: An adorable denim skirt for any little girl, it features a whisker pattern in the denim that gives it that worn in look. Pair it with some great tights for a fun look this fall.

3 Pommes fuchsia Crown Tee *Pre-Order*: This top is definitely hot, and I don’t mean just the color! The crown tee is a fun tee for any little princess, and pairs fantastically with the denim mini for a fun casual look.

3 Pommes Black/Charcoal Striped Tights *Pre-Order*: Complete that fun casual look with these incredible tights. They are charcoal and black striped and are not only fun but look great with the denim skirt.


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