Charabia Pre-Orders: Holiday Dresses Abound!

Charabia Silver Sequin Dress with Sash *Preorder*Coming straight from all the specialty shops n Paris this year are the most beautiful special occasion dresses for your little girls. Charabia is well known in over 15 countries for providing the best high-end fashions from their boutique brand based out of Paris, France. With these high-end incredible masterpieces of wearable art your little girl will make this year’s holiday party, or family portrait, or any other grand occasion the most beautiful event outside of fashion week in Paris. Now you do not have to travel all the way to the City of Lights just for a special dress. Just head on over to Everything But The Princess to get your hands on Charabia’s best looks this fall and winter. Right now Everything But The Princess has Charabia’s fall 2011 collection available in the pre-order section where you can not only preview the great designs for this coming season but also order a magnificent dress for your little princess, and it will ship beginning in August! So hurry in a see the beauties now! Charabia Irredesent Pink/Lilac Petal Hem Dress *Preorder*

Charabia Silver Sequin Dress with Sash *Pre-Order*: This exquisite silver dress features silver baubles and silver ruffles across the dress that catches the light and create a brilliant and dazzling light effect in the glow of winter lights. It also features a silver sash across the waist. This dress is perfect for a winter party dress; it is reminiscent of a winter storm or snow that glitters as the Christmas lights bound off of it. It will light up any room and make your little girl the center of attention this season.

Charabia Royal Blue Sequin Dress with Sash *Preorder*Charabia Iridescent Pink/Lilac Petal Hem Dress *Pre-Order*: Holiday time is the perfect time for things that light up and shine, and this iridescent dress does exactly that. The Pink and Lilac iridescent material simply shines and glitters in the lights making your little girl glow with beauty and shine with happiness. The petal skirt makes the dress look like it could be a holiday flower blooming right before your very eyes, opening in the brilliance of the light and becoming the most beautiful thing in the room.

Charabia Royal Blue Sequin Dress with Sash *Pre-Order*: Much like its sister the Silver Sequin dress, this blue version simply glows with perfection and happiness. The blue color makes you feel happy and lighthearted; it is bright and vibrant and would look beautiful on any little girl. Unlike the silver dress it shines with multi-colors of blue, white and silver as the light catches it. It produces a calming effect as the color blue often does, and will charm anyone who sees your little girl in it this season.

Charabia Iridescent Blue with feather Sleeve Dress *Pre-Order*: This iridescent number adds some sophistication to its shine by adding some dark feathers at the sleeves. Feathers add depth and lend a more grown up quality to the dress, making your little girl feel special like she is the fanciest girl at the party. The sash sits just below the waist and the color reaches to the neck, the most dramatic thing about this dress is indeed the feathers. With something as special and feathers you do not need a lot of extra distractions on the dress, your daughter will love this dress and enjoy wearing it no matter how long and boring the holiday party is. Charabia Irredesent Blue with Feather Sleeve Dress *Preorder*


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