Twinkle Couture: Fall Pre-Order

Twinkle Couture Black Velour Crown Hoodie * Preorder*Twinkle Couture is beloved by little girls for their trendy clothes/ Girls love the embellished shirts, hoodies and sweaters. The fun and funky designs feature leopard print, camouflage, crowns, zebra print, and rhinestones, some of a girl’s favorite things. Girls love the glitz and glamour of Twinkle couture and are excited to wear their outfits all year long. That is why this fall Twinkle Couture has created some fantastic fall and winter designs meant to dazzle our little girls all winter long, giving them something fun to look forward to on those cold days. That is why Everything But The Princess makes sure to have all the great Twinkle Couture Fall 2011 items that will make your little girl swoon, and they are all available for pre-order now. Hurry in to see the great items that will surely become your little girls favorite looks this season.

Twinkle Couture Black Velour Crown Hoodie *Pre-Order*: An adorable hoodie for colder weather. It features plaid sparkle tulle ruffling along the sleeve cuffs and at the bottom hem. It also features the purple rhinestone crown at the breast of the jacket, adding some glam to the black velour.

Twinkle Couture Pink/ Black Hounds-Tooth Skirt * Preorder*Twinkle Couture Black Velour Pants *Pre-Order*: As a perfect complement to the hoodie these pants come with plaid sparkle tulle ruffles at the ankles for that added pop of color against the black velour. The effect is dazzling and glamorous.

Twinkle Couture Metallic Tie Top *Pre-Order*: Complete the gorgeous outfit with this dazzling shirt. The white tee features a faux tie emblazoned on the front in purple metallic. It adds some funky playfulness to the otherwise girly look adding just enough sass to show off a great sense of style and personality.

Twinkle Couture Pink/Black Hounds-tooth Skirt *Pre-Order*: This delightful skirt has three tiers of hounds-tooth ruffle covered with pink tulle for an extra feminine look. The hounds-tooth pattern is in the lightest pink and plays up the fun and girly look while downplaying the traditional harsher pattern. It softens the look creating a more feminine and fun style.

Twinkle Couture Pink Tunic, Houndstooth Shrug & Leggings Set * Preorder*Twinkle Couture Pink Perfume Top *Pre-Order*: This long -sleeved pink tee has a bold graphic print of a vintage perfume bottle on the front, its look says fun, classy, and stylish.

Twinkle Couture Pink Tunic, Hounds-Tooth Shrug & Leggings Set *Pre-Order*: This pink purse tunic has a hounds-tooth ruffle covered with pink tulle at the hem. The bolo shrug adds some sophistication to the look with the pink hounds-tooth pattern, and the leggings also feature the pink hounds-tooth look. This outfit is fun, comfortable, and incredibly stylish.


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