Desigual Fall Pre-Order: Style on the Cutting Edge

Desigual Driverfolk Denim Bubble Upside Down Skirt *Preorder*Desigual instills style and confidence in its clothes worldwide. Your little girl will love these unique styles and she will be recognized for being on the cutting-edge of the fashion world. Desigual offers outfits that are nothing like your average fashions which have a tendency to lead to everyday boring ensembles, these fashions allow for your child’s creativity to burst forth to the world. Now you can find Desigual’s newest fall fashions at Everything But The Princess and you begin picking out some of the looks that will soon become your girls favorite pieces this season. From skirts and tops to tights and scarves Desigual and Everything But The Princess have you and your little girl fully equipped for a stylish new school year.

Desigual Driverfolk Denim Bubble Upside Down Skirt *Pre-Order*: This cute bubble skirt has a banded bottom giving it the appearance of being an upside down bubble skirt. It features pockets in front and flaps in the back. It pairs well with a brightly colored cardigan! Desigual Persian Butterfly Tights

Desigual Dreamteen Vivid Multi-Color Cardigan *Pre-Order*: This cardigan features Desigual’s trademark bright colors and patterns making it a fun top to pair with any bottom. It goes excellently with the upside down bubble skirt for a unique and fun look!

Desigual Driverfolk Bright Variegated Knit ScarfDesigual Persian Butterfly Tights *Pre-Order*: These adorable bright pink tights feature some amazing butterflies up and down each leg in a great contrasting pink color. It goes great with the bubble skirt and cardigan for a colorful and outrageous look.

Desigual Driverfolk Bright Variegated Knit Cap *Pre-Order*: When it starts to get chilly out this season check out these great options for keeping warm in style. This great cap will keep your girl warm and fashionable with its variegated pinks, blues, yellows, and green colors. It goes well with any Desigual outfit but looks amazing with our featured outfit.

Desigual Driverfolk Bright Variegated Knit Scarf *Pre-Order*: The perfect mate to the cap, this scarf is warm, comfortable, and stylish for those long winter months. Desigual Driverfolk Persian Print Coat *Preorder*

Desigual Driverfolk bright Variegated Fingerless gloves *Pre-Order*: Don’t forget those hands this season. They need style and warmth too, and with these great gloves you can even manage to work your hands while keeping them warm.

Desigual Driverfolk Persian Print Coat *Pre-Order*: Finish it all off with a fantastic coat. This coat is warm, comfortable, and has  incredible style!


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