A Hullabaloo for Halabaloo: Fall Pre-Order 2011

Halabaloo is a fantastic fashion line that caters to young girls and their beautiful dresses. In today’s world young girls are growing up and dressing up way to early in life, and Halabaloo is interested in keeping them young and innocent for just a little bit longer. With their fabulous frocks girls are portrayed as innocent sweet angels in precious pinks, blues, purples, and other sweet colors and styles that are the perfect cut for a young girl. The dresses are knee-length and flatter your daughter’s youth without overpowering her and putting her on display. These dresses have been a hit since they first came out and this year’s fall 2011 collection will once again wow and impress all one delightful dress at a time. Now you can find the fall 2011 Halabaloo collection at Everything But The Princess. Arriving in September you can pre-order these beauties now and have them arrive just in time for school, and holiday time. What is better than a beautiful dress? How about a beautiful dress that ships for free? Simply use the coupon FALLFREE for free shipping!Halabaloo Eggplant Bouquet Dress *Preorder*

Halabaloo Eggplant Bouquet Dress *Pre-Order*: This adorable dress looks like it is a walking bouquet. T has a high gathered skirt with a bright ribbon and the entire dress looks like it is covered in the most beautiful eggplant colored blooms. Your little girl will feel bright, shiny, and delicate in this great dress. Halabaloo Navy with Silver Foil Dot Print Dress *Preorder*

Halabaloo Navy with Silver Foil Dot Print Dress *Pre-Order*: What a spectacular dress for holiday parties this season. The navy and silver foil dots give the appearance of a finely wrapped present. This dress shines with wonder, happiness, and excitement. The high gathered skirt will make your little princess feel like a princess in this little gown. The incredible colors and sheen will make her feel as if she is the prettiest present under the tree.

Halabaloo Gray Heather Tulle Ruffle Skirt *Preorder*Halabaloo Gray heather Tulle Ruffle Skirt *Pre-Order*: This layered tulle skirt is the perfect muted color for incredible accessories and accents like the adorable Halabaloo Gray Heather Cardigan with Flowers *Pre-Order.* Paired together the beautiful pink flowers accentuate the skirt perfectly for a sweet and precious look for any little girl this season. Halabaloo Pink Jersey Dress with Ruffle Flower *Preorder*

Halabaloo Pink Jersey Dress with Ruffle Flower Dress *Pre-Order*: This pink jersey dress features a fantastic flower made of ruffles. The flower spreads across the bodice of this fantastic frock and is accented by ruffled tiers across the beautiful skirt. The pretty pink color will appeal to your sweet little princess and she will enjoy wearing this dress all season long.


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