Paper Wings: Fly Away with Great Fall Looks!

Paper Wings is a great brand that allows for kids to have that freedom of trying everything. The eclectic clothing line mixes and matches styles from traditional fashions, arts and crafts, modern trends, vintage finds, incredible patterns, and above all fun designs. Paper Wings is the perfect fashion line for a little girl with class, style, and spunk. You never want to squelch the imagination of a great mind, and that is why Paper Wings allows kids to express themselves through fashion. Nobody wants the same look every day, so why would a kid that loves to change it all up at a moment’s notice want the same old drab style every day? Now your little princess can have her incredible eclectic styles all fall and winter long with Paper Wings’ new Fall 2011 collection available now at Everything But The Princess. Come in and check out the pre-order fashions available now!

paper Wings Blue Washed Denim Bustle Skirt *Preorder*Paper Wings Grey Marle/Cream Drawstring Tee *Pre-Order*: This awesome grey tee features drawstrings on the sides of the tee with full sleeves. The sleeves are slightly lighter in color that the rest of the tee and the drawstring add an extra bit of style and excitement to the tee. Will pair well with the Denim bustle Skirt.

Paper Wings Blue Washed Denim Bustle Skirt *Pre-Order*: This skirt has lots of flair and style. The denim bustles at the side of the skirt add oomph but the perfect denim ruffles at the back of the skirt are just as fantastic for the silhouette. The front features a jean style zipper for comfort during wear. Pair it with the Drawstring tee for incredible style and fun.

Paper Wings Red/Cream Victorian Girls Tee *Pre-Order*: This Victorian style tee features two Victorian girls on the front in a red and cream portrait. The sleeves and back features red and cream stripes adding dimension to the tee. This is a fun tee that will wow anyone who sees it.

Paper Wings Black Washed Denim Suspender Skirt *Preorder*Paper Wings Black Washed Denim Suspender Skirt *Pre-Order*: This black washed denim skirt comes with braces (suspenders) a fun alternative to an everyday ordinary skirt or dress. The suspenders cross in the back and the front features pewter colored buttons for some added style. Pair it with the Victorian Tee for an incredible and classic look.

Paper Wings Red/Cream Striped Leggings *Pre-Order*: These red and cream striped leggings go excellently with the Victorian Tee and Suspender skirt. Now you have a complete look for fall and winter that will not only make your daughter look cool but stay warm too!


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