Eliane Et Lena’s Perfect for Fall Pre-Orders

This fall we want your little Princess to be on the best dressed list. So we are offering some amazing previews and pre-orders of our favorite designers. How do you get some of these great designs you may be wondering? Simple, Everything But The Princess has got you covered. We have the inside scoop on all the hottest looks this fall from the most popular designers, and now you can pre-order these hot styles and receive them in August just before the fall season is underway. You will get first dibs on all the great looks, and your kids will look amazing! This week check out our new favorites from Eliane Et Lena and get ordering soon!

Eliane Et Lena Red Plaid Atsuko JumperEliane Et Lena Red Plaid Atsuko Jumper *Pre-Order* & Eliane Et Lena Red Asamin Tee *Pre-Order*: This great long-sleeve tee and sleeveless jumper are a timeless classic for fall. The plaid jumper features the perfect fall colors, hints of brown, red, teal, yellow, and white. Paired with the red tee it is a great look that will always stand out as one of your little princess’ favorites.

Eliane Et Lena Floral Print Iso DressEliane Et Lena Floral Print Iso Dress *Pre-Order*: This adorable toile like European style dress is adorable for any little girl. The black and white printed fabric is gathered at the skirt with some black cotton ruffles at the hem. Paired with a black long-sleeve tee it is perfect for cooler weather.

Eliane Et Lena Beige Natsu PantEliane Et Lena Beige Tishinoa Deer Tee *Pre-Order* & Eliane Et Lena Black Cuejojo Cardigan *Pre-Order* & Eliane Et Lena Beige Natsu Pant *Pre-Order* & Eliane Et Lena Black Senso Belt *Pre-Order*: Paired together this makes a fantastic fall ensemble. The deer tee is adorable and looks incredibly fahsionable with the Cuejojo cardigan. Paired with the Natsu pant and Senso belt your little girl will have that outdoorsy look all season long. Not only will she look good, she will feel powerful in such a strong outfit.


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