Winter Coats with Style: Catimini

This winter let your little princess shine in some great new winter styles from Catimini. Now bundling up for winter doesn’t have to mean you are looking drab and feeling bored with your look. Your princess’ style can shine through with all the great new options from Catimini and Everything But The Princess this winter. Bright colors, fur, killer knits, and puffer coats are going to keep her warm as a bug in a rug yet looking as cool and fashionable as a runway model. She will love all the great colors and styles, you will love that you do not have to have that constant battle with her everyday as she is leaving the house. You know the one; it usually starts with, “Don’t forget your coat!” And usually ends with, “You’re ruining my life!” Cue loud door slam. Well not this year. With this awesome looks you can finally have peace in the hall this winter. Your doors will thank you.

Catimini Urban Purple Puffer CoatCatimini Urban Purple Puffer Coat: This amazing purple puffer coat will shine all winter long with your daughter. Its fur hood will make her feel like a princess with a fur coat and she will love wearing it every chance she gets. Do not be surprised if it is 79 degrees and she pulls it out. It looks so great she will want to wear it as long as she can! Check back Thursday for some great knit accessories to pair with it.

Catimini Urban Spirit Black ParkaCatimini Urban Spirit Black Parka: This long parka will keep your princess warm all winter. The inner lining is soft and comfortable and the style is spot on. The skirted bottom and the arms feature some great floral designs and the hood features an incredible fur trim. Your little princess will feel like a winter queen in this great coat all winter long. Check back Thursday for some great knit accessories to pair with it.

Catimini Urban Spirit Fuchsia ParkaCatimini Spirit Fuchsia Parka: While some girls love black others are dying for more pink. So of course this amazing parka had to be available in Fuchsia. This great coat looks even more incredible in this bright color and will make your daughter twice as excited to wear it every cold and stormy winter day. Plus with its beautiful bright color she will light up those dark stormy days, making even the coldest day of the year seem like a great day! Check back Thursday for some great knit accessories to pair with it.


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