Winter Accessories: Catimini Hats, Scarves, and Gloves

You need more than a nice coat to get you through the long cold winter. Your little princess will need to keep those ears, that neck, those fingers, and that head warm all winter long. What better way to keep them all warm and toasty than Catimini’s incredible winter looks? Each of these great styles match Catimini’s winter coats and will not only keep your little princess warm they will also keep her fashionable and happy all winter long. Which is good, a happy kid equals a happy momma, and when momma is happy, everyone is happy.

Catimini Urban Spirit Ruffled ScarfCatimini Urban Spirit Ruffled Scarf: This darling black ruffled scarf looks great with any of the Catimini winter coats. But shines with the Spirit Parkas. The black scarf has white stitching and is ruffled all along the edges creating a great feminine look.

Catimini Urban Spirit Ear MuffsCatimini Urban Spirit Ear Muffs: Who doesn’t love the look of fur? These faux fur ear muffs will keep your princess’ ears warm and fashionable. All without harming a single cute animal, now she can wear those muffs all winter long without enduring the taunt of jealous friends.

Catimini Urban Knit GlovesCatimini Urban Knit Gloves: Who says winter gloves are only meant to keep your hands warm? They can be fabulous too! And these gloves are the proof. Black palms and hands with pink wrists tied with a purple ribbon and yellow, pink, and green ringed fingers. Wow these gloves are the best fashion statement your daughter will make all winter!

Catimini Urban Knit ScarfCatimini Urban Knit hat: This purple, blue, pink, and yellow multi-colored knit hat is fabulous and comfortable. Topped with a fuchsia pom pom it will be a favorite for years to come.

Catimini Urban Knit Scarf: The perfect match to the knit hat this multi-colored knit scarf features long braids at the ends. Everyone will love this great scarf.

Catimini Spirit Denim Striped Gloves: This spirit striped pair of gloves is just the first of a great collection. The charcoal grey, fuchsia, green, and yellow pattern is fun and functional. Your daughter will not go cold this winter.

Catimini Spirit Denim Striped ScarfCatimini Spirit Denim Striped Hat: The matching hat to the spirit denim set is fun and outrageous. Sometimes girls like to have a little fun and go a little crazy and this crazy patterned hat is just what the doctor ordered.

Catimini Spirit Striped Scarf: The end of a great collection this flamboyant scarf is perfect for those fun and crazy days of winter.


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