Hope Couture: Dance Baby Dance

Hope Couture knows that girls like to have fun. What better way to have fun than to dance like no one is watching? In the new arrivals at Everything But The Princess you will find the most adorable and danceable skirts, shirts, and shrugs to make your little princess’ dancing dreams come true! In amazing colors, fun styles, and incredible rhinestones your little princess will look fantastic and feel like the prima donna at the dance company.

Hope Couture Fuchsia Tulle Rhinestone SkirtHope Couture Fuchsia Tulle Rhinestone Skirt: This adorable fuchsia tulle skirt is adorned with lots of rhinestones. A little bling goes a long way to make a little girl feel like a little princess, and this skirt has just enough bling. It is also the perfect skirt for some fun dance moves. It pairs excellently with the dance tank and some great leggings.

Hope Couture Black Tank with Rhinestone Dance HeartHope Couture Black with Pink Undertones LeggingsHope Couture Black with Pink Undertones Leggings: These black lace leggings have a beautiful fuchsia undertone that screams princess. They are fun, feminine, and flirty and will make your little princess’ dance ensemble fun and perfect!

Hope Couture Black Tank with Rhinestone Dance Heart: This tank is an incredible dance inspired beauty. The black tank is adorned with a white heart with fuchsia rhinestones and the ultimate mantra “dance.” with a fuchsia ribbon at the shoulder and more rhinestones at the hem your little princess will love this top and enjoy wearing it with her tulle skirt.

Hope Couture Zebra I Heart Dance Drop Waist DressHope Couture Zebra I Heart Dance Drop-Waist Dress: What dancing princess would not love this great drop-waist dress? Styled in black and white it says the most important thing to a dancing princess, “I Heart Dance.” It is a comfortable and adorable dress that your little princess will enjoy wearing all season long, and even long after that. After all, true love never dies.

Hope Couture Black with Pink Undertones LeggingsHope Couture Zebra Shrug with Hood: How do you keep warm in the dance studio and still be able to move with the music? This shrug is the perfect way to stay warm and flexible all dance class long. The black shrug ties in the front and features a zebra striped hoodie. It is p effect for cool days in class, cool days out at play, and keeping warm no matter where you are!


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