Leggings and Tights Oh My!

Fall brings that crisp cool weather we all secretly love. And why do we secretly love it? Because of all the great looks we can pull off in that cooler weather. Like leggings and tights. All those dresses and skirts we loved all summer long can now have a whole new life with a great pair of leggings or tights underneath them. Boots have a new companion in some great tights. And tunics become the hit of an ensemble with some amazing leggings. No longer do our legs have to go naked into the world, now they can be adorned with vibrant colors, patterns, and styles galore. Here is just a look at some of the great tights and leggings available at Everything But The Princess this fall. Pick one pair, two pair, or just go crazy and pick all your favorites for some great new looks this fall!

Mim Pi White/Black Amazing Girls TightsMim Pi White/Black Amazing Girls Tights: Great black and white tints that go great with a dress or skirt by Mim Pi. They even feature an incredible black and white girl graphic that will wow all fall long.

Kate Mack Black JeggingsKate Mack Black Leggings: Basic black is always important in the fashion world. You can never go wrong with the essential, and Kate Mack knows how to make basic black look good!

Pom Pom Gray Yolande LeggingsPom Pom Gray Yolande Leggings: Great grey ruched leggings look great with everything. Accentuate the ruching with some great boots this fall. You will love the look!

Persnickety Gold/Chocolate Dot LeggingsPersnickety Gold/Chocolate Dot Leggings: Chocolate and gold are two favorites in the girl world, and paired together they created an incredible polka dot pair of leggings. Great for boots, skirts, and dresses. The bold pattern is not only fun it is gorgeous.


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