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Outerwear Sale: The Beauty Continues!

With so many great styles to choose from at Everything But The Princess it can be hard to pick just one. But with a great sale happening now you and your little princess can finally narrow down the choices. Tuesday we highlighted two beautiful looks and coats and today we have two more that will look fantastic on your little princess this season and will always keep her dressed to impress.

Deux Par Deux Antracite Hooded Winter Coat Hors SeriesDeux Par Deux:

Raven Tulle Skirt Hors Series, Ivory Girl Jersey Top Hors Series, and Antracite Hooded Winter Coat Hors Series: This adorable outfit is perfect for those chilly fall and winter days. Your little princess will love the tulle skirt and the ivory top for days at the park or days at school, and for those extra cool days when she needs a little extra warmth the Antracite hooded coat will keep her extra toasty on a brisk day.

Pom Pom Silver Jeltje Winter CoatPom Pom:

Pink Roosjes Top, Charcoal Seresh Ruffle Skirt, and Silver Jeltje Winter Coat: Your little princess will look precious and innocent in this adorable and feminine look. The pale pink rosette trimmed top is the perfect feminine look for winter. Pair it with this great ruffle skirt for a delicate style. Your little princess will be the best dressed princess when she completes the look with the Jeltje winter coat.

There are so many different and equally beautiful outerwear options available on sale right now at Everything But The Princess. All you have to do is head over there now and choose from the great styles that will definitely set your little princess apart this winter.

Outerwear Sale at Everything But The Princess!

Now at your favorite online boutique clothing store for girls you can find some of this seasons most beautiful coats, scarves, hats, and gloves at incredible prices. Gorgeous looks from Eliane Et Lena, Pom Pom, Deux Par Deux, and Kate Mack can fill your little princess’ closet this winter and this week you can see four great looks that will not look complete without a gorgeous and reduced price coat. Hurry in now to see which of the four would look best on your little princess and take advantage of the sale now.

Eliane Et Lena: Eliane Et Lena Black Mitsuko Velour Fur Trim Coat

Red Nanako Dress and Black Mitsuko Velour Fur Trim Coat: Pairing this beautiful dress with this incredible coat is the perfect outfit for the holiday season. While the red dress is the perfect cut and color for the holiday season pairing it with this beautiful and breathtaking velour and fur trimmed coat completes the most stunning style this winter. Your little princess will look like royalty when she arrives at the holiday festivities this season looking like this.

Kate Mack Black Ruffled JacketKate Mack:

Ivory/Black Leopard Top and Black Jeggings And Black Ruffled Jacket: This smart and sassy look is flawless. It is a classic look reminiscent of the style icon like Audrey Hepburn with its black pants and classic looking ruffled jacket. Your little princess will look like a silver-screen beauty with this great look. And now at Everything But The Princess you can get this great look for less!

Mayoral Is Ready For Fall

Mayoral is known for some amazing girls clothing designs. Beautiful pieces that will not only hold up to wear but look beautiful everyday, and is fall they have some gorgeous outfits available for your little princess. Fall is a time of sweaters, knits, tights, scarves, and boots. Mayoral has all of these great fall favorites in their fall collection, and many will pair together for the perfect fall look. This week let’s take a look at a fantastic fall look offered by Mayoral and Everything But The Princess.

Mayoral Sand Long Sleeve with Girl Holding Pink Bunny and Floral ScarfMayoral Sand Long Sleeve with Girl Holding Pink Bunny and Floral Scarf: What a great long-sleeved tee for fall. The sand colored tee can be matched to any of the incredible Mayoral collection and even comes with a great floral scarf. The tee features a little girl with a precious little bunny.

Mayoral Denim Button Front Ruffled Skirt: This delightful denim button front skirt looks incredible with the Mayoral Sand Long Sleeve tee. Pair it with a great pair of tights and your daughter can wear it all winter long with her favorite pair of boots.

Mayoral Orchid TightsMayoral Orchid Tights: This orchid pink colored tights are adorable and comfortable and will add a touch of pink and sass to your daughter’s favorite Mayoral fall looks. And they can be paired easily with some incredible fall boots.

Mayoral Stone Suede Cable Knit Mini Boots: These Stone Suede boots are perfect for fall weather, whether your little princess in running on the school yard or working the runway she will look fierce.

Mayoral Mink Long Sleeve Cable Knit Long CardiganMayoral Mink Long Sleeve Cable Knit Long Cardigan: What better way to complete the perfect fall look than with the perfect fall cardigan. This cable knit cardigan is warm, comfortable, and gorgeous. Simply add leaves and fall breezes for the perfect outfit.

Spirit Hoods Pouncing on to the Scene

Spirit Hoods is a great line that kids love, they are fun and playful and connect kids with their animal friends. Now kids can enjoy their favorite furry animals in a way they never could before, by actually gearing up and looking just like them. Spirit Hoods are handmade with quality faux fur, which helps to teach kids to love their favorite animals for their beauty and majesty and not just their fur. The hoods are cuddly and soft and will soon become your little princess’ favorite accessory in cool weather. Now they can always feel connected with their favorite furry animal from wolves to pandas your little princess will be able to share her favorite furry friend with the whole world this winter. What makes these hoods so environmentally friendly? Not only are they made of faux fur they are also locally made right here in the United States. Los Angeles isn’t just known for angels now, now they are known for their amazing wildlife too!

Spirit Hoods Gray Wolf HoodSpirit Hoods Gray Wolf Hood: For the little princess that loves gray wolves. Gray wolves are known for their loyalty and their tight family bonds. Now your daughter can be just like them in her hoodie this winter.

Spirit Hoods Leopard Hood Spirit Hoods Leopard Hood: The leopard is one of the smartest of the feline family, and they are excellent communicators. Know a girl with those traits? Does she love to look great? Then this is the hoodie for her.

Spirit Hoods Husky Spirit Hoods Husky: The husky is a beautiful and graceful dog that is strong and brave. Now your little girl can be too.

Spirit Hoods Panda Hood Spirit Hoods Panda Hood: Pandas are exotic, rare, and loving creatures. It is no wonder so many people love them. Now your daughter can be a panda too.

Spirit Hoods Snow Leopard with Pink Paws Hood Spirit Hoods Snow Leopard with Pink Paws Hood: Snow leopards are majestic, gracefully, and incredibly smart. Let your little girl experience their power with a hoodie this winter.

Spirit Hoods Brown Bear Spirit Hoods Brown Bear: Brown bears are brave, strong, and incredibly American. Let your little girl show off her strength this winter with this great brown bear hoodie.

Stocking Stuffers Done Right: Pampering Your Princess

Christmas is just around the corner, so why not get started on some stocking stuffer shopping now? Everything But The Princess has some incredible little items that any little princess will love to find in her stocking this season. From toys to goodies your little princess will find great things that will keep her happy and joyful this holiday season. Now you can make her eyes shine Christmas morning when she discovers all the great things you found for her, maybe even a few things you may wish you had saved to pamper yourself after all that shopping and wrapping!

Klutz Fancy Friendship BraceletsKlutz Fancy Friendship Bracelets: These Fancy Friendship Bracelets are just like the bracelets you grew up loving. Now you can introduce them to your little princess. Her and her best friends will get hours of delight and years of joy from these fun bracelets. With super-simple instructions and all-new bracelet designs with five new colors your princess will be ecstatic. Now with even more stylish charms!

Klutz CapstersKlutz Capsters: Does your little princess enjoy art projects? Capsters is the ultimate introduction to a great form of pop art. Your little princess can make a capster with the included kit that consists of bottle caps, small charms, glitter and a shiny goo that creates a great round work of art that is entirely original and all her own creation!

Fizzy Baker Mint Chocolate Chip Bath CupcakeFizzy Baker Mint Chocolate Chip Bath Cupcake: Hand-crafted to look just like a real cupcake it is in fact a sweet treat, only for the bathroom not the kitchen! This sweet treat is a great addition to any stocking this Christmas. She can now enjoy a sweet smelling and skin softening bath anytime she wants. You may wish you had kept it for yourself.

Hearts & Flowers Bath ConfettiHearts & Flowers Bath Confetti: This fun confetti tubes have all the fun a girl needs in the bathtub. The colorful, scent filled bath salts are gorgeous and fun. They will make barytone fun, enjoyable, and will always leave her ready to complete her nightly routine and be ready for bed and school.

Belle Ballerine: Beautiful Ballerina Halloween looks

Are you looking for a beautiful and fun idea for your little princess this Halloween? Now at Everything But The Princess you can find many different adorable ballerina looks that double not only as amazing outfits but also as incredible, and original Halloween costumes. Your little princess will love trick-or-treating in these great looks, and she can enjoy them for long after halloween both as clothes and adorable dress up looks.

Kaiya Eve Black with Silver Bow BLING Tank *Preorder*Kaiya Eve Black with Silver Bow BLING Tank *Preorder*: This adorable Kaiya Eve Black with Silver Bow BLING Tank has all the bling a little princess will ever need. The Black Tank is adorned with a silver bow and lots of sequins for an incredible bling effect! Pair it with the Kaiya Eve Bella Shorts, Pettiskirts, and New 4 Layer Skirts and Leggings.

Kaiya Eve Bright Multi Colored 4 Layer Celebration Skirt *Preorder*Kaiya Eve Bright Multi Colored 4 Layer Celebration Skirt *Preorder*: This precious 4 Layer bright Multi Colored Skirt is absolutely adorable with its full tulle skirt. It can be paired with any of the great Kaiya Eve looks for an incredible ballerina look this year. This Skirt has Full Separate Colored Layers of Gathered Tulle.

Kaiya Eve Black/Red/White 4 Layer Festive Skirt *Preorder*Kaiya Eve Black/Red/White 4 Layer Festive Skirt *Preorder*: This is also a great ballerina look. The Black/Red/White 4 Layer Festive Skirt looks fantastic with the black silver bow bling tank creating an unforgettable look.

Kaiya Eve Red Glitter Ruffle Top *Preorder*Kaiya Eve Red Glitter Ruffle Top *Preorder*: This adorable ruffled top is available in an assortment of colors including red, pink, white, black, and raspberry. Your little princess can wear it under her tank or dress for added warmth or for a little more ruffle and bling.

Doll Clothing: Our Little Girls Best Friends

This holiday season lists will be written, toys will be requested, and dolls will be expected. Every little girl has at least one doll, and sometimes that one doll is the most important person in their life. So of course they would want their dolls to be beautifully dressed this holiday season. Many little girls will love the chance to dress just like their best friends this holiday season and Everything But The Princess has the looks that will work for both your little princess and her best friend. Thanks to designers like Kaiya Eve and Ooh! La La Couture your little princess and her best friend can dress alike this season and they will both be seen in the best looks fashion has to offer. And all of these outfits fit an 18″ inch doll, including American Girl and My Twinn.

Ooh! La La Couture Red/Black Floral Doll Dress: in this gorgeous red/black floral dress your little princess’ doll can dress just like her twin. Now they can tea party it up in style, attend a friend’s party with class, or put on a fantastic fashion show.

Ooh! La La Couture Black/ Hot Pink Football Jersey with Star Doll Dress: Now your little girl and her best friend can be ready for the big game with style. Is the family having a super bowl party? It certainly will be super with these great looks. Now the party has it’s own personal cheerleaders.

Kaiya Eve Doll Pettiskirt – Pink: This gorgeous ruffled Pettiskirt is the perfect thing for your little princess and her best friend. Pettiskirts are fun and fashionable for little girls and now that their best friends can wear a matching look they will want to wear them all year long. Available in an assortment of colors including pink, green, raspberry, and red.

Kaiya Eve Doll Ruffle Top – Pink: The perfect top to the Pettiskirt. The ruffles match the Pettiskirt exactly and add that extra over the top beauty to complete the fun look. Pair with the same color or get a little funky and mix and match. No matter what your little princess and her best friend will love them!

Mayoral: My Little Rider

All little princess’ want a pony. So why not indulge their fantasy with some riding gear. Great for riding lessons, or even just wearing around town. Your little princess will love the way she looks. If your little princess loves horses she may benefit from and greatly enjoy some riding lessons. Spending time with animals is a great way to help your little princess with her interpersonal skills, relationships, and compassion. Riding will also help with her grace and poise. Training her to be the true royal we all know she is. Picking an outfit that will make her feel comfortable and confident while riding is key to keeping her happy and safe while riding and Everything But The Princess has the greatest looks from Mayoral to help you and your little princess be the best that she can be.

Mayoral Camel Knot Riding Pants/Jeggings: These camel knit riding pants are the perfect thing for riding this fall. The look is impeccable and your princess will feel incredibly comfortable in them while she rides her favorite horse all day long.

Mayoral Cream Ruffle Blouse: With this cream ruffle blouse your little princess will look like a beautiful seasoned equestrian. Whether this is her first lesson or he biggest competition yet she will look like the part in this great blouse.

Mayoral Camel Fur Trimmed Vest: This camel fur trimmed vest is the perfect addition to your little princess’ riding habit. Paired with the camel knit pants and the white ruffle blouse your little princess is the most beautiful equestrian on the track. All she needs now is the perfect pair of boots.

Mayoral Brown Leather Riding Boots with Bow: The perfect boots to complete the perfect riding outfit. Your little princess will look fantastic in these boots, and with her complete look she is finally ready for that horse, sorry, not included.