Mayoral: My Little Rider

All little princess’ want a pony. So why not indulge their fantasy with some riding gear. Great for riding lessons, or even just wearing around town. Your little princess will love the way she looks. If your little princess loves horses she may benefit from and greatly enjoy some riding lessons. Spending time with animals is a great way to help your little princess with her interpersonal skills, relationships, and compassion. Riding will also help with her grace and poise. Training her to be the true royal we all know she is. Picking an outfit that will make her feel comfortable and confident while riding is key to keeping her happy and safe while riding and Everything But The Princess has the greatest looks from Mayoral to help you and your little princess be the best that she can be.

Mayoral Camel Knot Riding Pants/Jeggings: These camel knit riding pants are the perfect thing for riding this fall. The look is impeccable and your princess will feel incredibly comfortable in them while she rides her favorite horse all day long.

Mayoral Cream Ruffle Blouse: With this cream ruffle blouse your little princess will look like a beautiful seasoned equestrian. Whether this is her first lesson or he biggest competition yet she will look like the part in this great blouse.

Mayoral Camel Fur Trimmed Vest: This camel fur trimmed vest is the perfect addition to your little princess’ riding habit. Paired with the camel knit pants and the white ruffle blouse your little princess is the most beautiful equestrian on the track. All she needs now is the perfect pair of boots.

Mayoral Brown Leather Riding Boots with Bow: The perfect boots to complete the perfect riding outfit. Your little princess will look fantastic in these boots, and with her complete look she is finally ready for that horse, sorry, not included.


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