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Superb Sleepwear!!

Everything But The Princess has some superb sleepwear available this holiday season. While you can never go wrong with holiday themed jammies there are always other options to keep the visions of sugar plums dancing in our little beauties heads as they slumber at that midnight hour this Christmas Eve. This pink frills and perfect peignoir’s for your princess’ new favorite pajamas. You can never go wrong with animal print, and classic pale pink always has its place at the top of any princess’ list. Your little princess will love the precious pajamas that Everything But The Princess has to offer, she won’t even hesitate to hop into bed early this Christmas Eve. She will be all set for bed hours before her bedtime, and she will want to lounge about even longer than usual on Christmas day just to enjoy her new favorite slumber sets. So hurry in now and check out the incredible options from Laura Dare. You and your princess will have a new affection for bedtime.

 Laura Dare 2pc Hot Pink Frilly Peignoir SetLaura Dare 2 PC Hot Pink Frilly Peignoir Set: This gorgeous 2 piece peignoir includes a long sleeve nightgown and bow accented sleeveless overlay. Now your little princess can sleep just as princesses are intended to sleep, in total style. She will certainly feel like a princess from a story book in this great set and you will love how adorable she looks in Christmas pictures while she opens presents Christmas morning.

Laura Dare Hot Pink Frilly 2pc Pajama SetLaura Dare Hot Pink Frilly 2PC Pajama Set: Is your princess more of a pajama set kind of girl? No problem, this great set has all the style of the peignoir with the classic pajama pants. She will still look like a sweet angel as she slumbers and she won’t sacrifice a bit of comfort.

Laura Dare Hot Pink Frilly NightgownLaura Dare Hot Pink Frilly Nightgown: She will definitely feel pretty in pink in this great nightgown. The bow trim and ruffles are just delightful; she will feel 100% princess in this great gown.

Laura Dare Hot Pink Ribbon HeadbandLaura Dare Hot Pink Ribbon headband: Pair this great headband with any of the incredible hot pink ruffled looks from Laura Dare. Your little princess will look polished and put together in the morning when she slides this on.

Laura Dare Hot Pink Ruffle Sleep Mask: All princesses need their beauty sleep, and yours is no different. So why not make that beauty sleep a little easier to get with this great sleep mask. The hot pink ruffles match the sets perfectly for a great pulled together look.

sleep maskLaura Dare Hot Pink Polka Dot Ruffle Sleep Mask: This great and fun polka dot mask adds a little fun and whimsy to your daughter’s incredible style. Sleep isn’t always just business, it can be fun too. So help her drift off into playful dreams with this whimsical mask.

Check back Next week for more from the Laura Dare Sleepwear Collection!!

Thanksgiving Sale!!

Thanksgiving Sale

While many will be camping out looking for the best deals this black Friday you can get a head start on all that fantastic holiday shopping without ever leaving your nice warm home, or even getting up early! Simply check out the amazing deals and styles available now at Everything But The Princess. You can buy more and save more at the same time. Do you want your little princess to look her best this holiday season? Look no further than the great Thanksgiving Sale. Find great styles from Kaiya Eve, 3 Pommes, Angela Frost, Baby Sara, Baby’s in Bloom, Barbara Farber and SO many more.

Look for deals of up to:

25% off on orders of $100 coupon code: Coupon SAVE25

30% off on orders of $200 coupon code: Coupon SAVE30

35% off on orders of $300 coupon code: Coupon SAVE35

40% off on orders $401 and UP! Coupon code: Coupon SAVE40

BKARO Black Striped Tee with BowRight now you can look at over 29 pages of incredible designer boutique styles for your little girl that will wow her all year long. No need to stand in long lines just to get a chance to rifle through some clothes that have already been tried on by dozens of little girls and tossed on the ground as refuse. Your little princess deserves much better than that, so why not peruse the incredible looks of BKARO and pick her out an incredible complete look including a BKARO Gray Pleated Skirt, BKARO Black Striped tee with Bow, BKARO Black Stretch Leggings, and a BKARO Gray Cable Knit Hat? Now your princess has a look that will work all winter long with boots or flats at a great steal of a deal price. And you never even left that turkey alone in the kitchen! You can find deals like these and more at Everything But The Princess now. No lines, no rush, and no tent required. Hurry in, or go make a coffee and lounge with your blanket while you scan the site anytime this week. Sounds pretty good huh? BKARO Gray Pleated Skirt

Katherine Heigl’s Daughter Naleigh Loves Eliane Et Lena!

Whiny Wednesday: Katherine Heigl's Daughter in Eliane et LenaHere at Everything But The Princess we know how much your little princess’ love to have the hottest and prettiest styles available to them, and you too of course. That is why we offer brands like Eliane Et Lena that are not only beloved by you but beloved by stars that also know how to pick great clothes. This October Katherine Heigl’s dauter Naliegh showed off her great fashion sense, probably with a little help from mommy, when she strutted her stuff in the Tishinoia Deer tee and Eimi shorts and stockings. Nobody can doubt her fashion sense in this great ensemble.

Now you can find this great ensemble for your own precious little princess. Hurry over to Everything But The Princess now and find this same outfit on sale at nearly half it’s regularly marked price! Eliane Et Lena Beige Plaid Eimi Shorts

Eliane Et Lena Beige Tishinoa Deer Tee

Eliane Et Lena Beige Plaid Eimi Shorts

Eliane Et Lena Black Honama Floral Tights

A Christmas Wish List: Christmas Eve

Christmas is a time of magic and fun, so why not find a few fun and frivolous items that will make your little princess really get into the holiday spirit this year. It can also be a great time to spend some time with her and enjoy her before she grows. So why not pick a few great items that will make Christmas Eve a fun and memorable night. It may even be the beginning of a great tradition. Check out these great items at Everything But The Princess now, you and your little princess will love the magic they unlock.

Books To Bed Twas The Night Before Christmas Pajamas & Book SetBooks To Bed Twas The Night Before Christmas Pajamas & Book Set: This great pajama set is perfect for Christmas Eve. Wrap this adorable pj and book set for your pretty little princess to open and wear that very night. Begin a tradition of reading Twas The Night Before Christmas together every year. Imagine the memories you will make with a little hot cocoa, a book, a fire, and your little pj’d princess.

Haven Girl I Love Santa Sequin TeeHaven Girl I Love Santa Sequin Tee: Who doesn’t love Santa? Everything But The Princess and Haven Girl sure do that’s for sure. This shirt is perfect for a special day before Christmas. Let your little princess sport her love for the big guy in red all day long as she preps her letter, sets out cookies, and even puts out some carrots for everyones favorite reindeer.

Twirl White Feather Angel Wings & Gift BoxTwirl White Feather Angel Wings & Gift Box: This feather angels wing set is the perfect addition to Christmas Eve. Now your little princess can dress up as a sugar plum fairy or an angel and reenact the night that the angel came to the Wise Men to announce the birth of Jesus. Let her experience the true meaning of Christmas in a fun and educational way.

How to Make An Everything But The Princess Christmas List

There are only 48 days until Christmas and we are getting ready for the Christmas holidays, just as we are sure your little princess is. By now you have probably already heard of all the things she just knows she has to have for Christmas. But has she had a good long look at some of the great things offered now at Everything But The Princess? Check out some of these great items and share them with your princess, they make just make the list. And don’t forget you can always give her a gift certificate and surprise her with her very own shopping spree, what else could a princess possibly want?

Hope Couture Black/White Zebra Shop Girl DressHope Couture Black/White Zebra Shop Girl Dress: This adorable white top and zebra print skirted dress is a prime choice for any princess. The gathered skirt is adorable and perfect for twirling and looking spectacular.

Hope Couture Zebra Shrug with HoodHope Couture Zebra Shrug with Hood: Add some extra zebra glam to your favorite new dress. This shrug and hood are perfect for keeping a little extra toasty in that great zebra shop girl dress this winter.

Huggalugs Spunky Black LegRufflesHuggalugs Spunky Black LegRuffles: Add these spunky black leg huggers to your look for a pulled together and comfortable look this winter.

Me Too Black Rosette Lilly ShoesMe Too Black Rosette Lilly Shoes: Finish off the look with some incredible flats.

Check back all November and December for more great gift ideas for Christmas. And of course your weekly countdown to the big day!

Huggalugs: Extend Those Short Skirt Days!

Sometimes it can be difficult to appease little princesses who want to wear their favorite skirts and dresses all year round, even when it is 30 degrees outside. So how do you get that beautiful princess dressed and out the door and ready for school when she simply refuses to change out of her favorite skirt? Toss her some Huggalugs. Huggalugs are an incredible designer way to add warmth to short skirts, dresses, and tees for girls. They come in incredible designs and are crafted by Planet Organics and LegRuffles by Elizar Clare. They add gorgeous color and patterns to any outfit. They can be used on legs and arms for extra warmth and comfort, and they look pretty great too, much better than our own version of leg warmers from our own glory days. One size fits most and they are not expensive, they are only $15 for a pair. So now you can stock up and get enough to keep your little princess changing her gorgeous and unique style everyday of the week!

Huggalugs Pink Polka Dot LeghuggersHuggalugs Pink Polka Dot Leghuggers: These adorable pink polka dot leg huggers are perfect for a gorgeous pink skirt, or to add color to a denim or black skirt. Let your princess express her style flair with endless combinations.

Huggalugs Pink & White Damask LeghuggersHuggalugs Pink & White Damask Leghuggers: Give her a flair for the dramatic with these pink and white damask leg huggers. She will love the fancy appearance and the ease with which she can create a great outfit with these incredible leg huggers.

Huggalugs Pink and Black Dance Dreams Stripe Leg RuffleHuggalugs Pink and Black Dance Dreams Stripe Leg Ruffle: Now she can add ruffles to her style repertoire. These hot pink and black ruffles are perfect for dressing up a look in need of excitement or even making your little dancer comfortable in dance class.

Huggalugs Red & White Polka DotsHuggalugs Red & White Polka Dots: Add a little holiday sparkle to your little princess’ closet. These red and white polka dot leg huggers just scream Christmas time. And now you and your little princess can enjoy this look all winter.

Ooh La La Couture Cruise Wear!

You cannot go on a cruise without at least one fantastic dress. Here at Everything But The Princess we know a thing or two about fantastic dresses and that is why we stock the best dresses that Ooh La La Couture has to offer in cruise wear. This November you can find the most beautiful dresses for your little princess in our Cruise wear Pre-orders. Simply, ahem, CRUISE on over and peruse our fantastic dresses, choose your favorite and you will receive it starting in November.

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Black WOW Dream Dress *Preorder*Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Black WOW Dream Dress *Preorder*: This Black WOW Dream Dress is a dream come true. It features a sparkling sequin top with a large ivory bow at the waist and layers upon layers of fluffy gathered tulle ruffles. Your little princess will be the belle of the ball on this years cruise.

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Damask Black/Champagne WOW Pouf Dress *Preorder*Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Damask Black/Champagne WOW Pouf Dress *Preorder*: This Damask Black/Champagne WOW Pouf Dress is a sight all on it’s own. With its ruffled damask black/champagne top and black waistband it is almost a seventh wonder of the world. The full damask black/champagne gathered layered skirt is trimmed with black as well.

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Sky WOW Dream Dress *Preorder*Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Sky WOW Dream Dress *Preorder*: This Sky WOW Dream Dress features a sparkling blue sequin top with a large pink bow at waist. It has layers upon layers of gorgeous gathered tulle and is the perfect high profile cruise dress for your little princess.

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise AB White WOW Dream Dress *Preorder*Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise AB White WOW Dream Dress *Preorder*: Much like the sky dress except in the most beautiful and angelic of whites it looks like the top of a wedding cake. Your little princess will certainly feel the part of a princess in this gorgeous and unforgettable frock.

Ooh La La Couture Cruise Wear!

The weather may be getting cold and the holidays may be just around the corner but some of you may already be planning that next great cruise. And who can blame you when sunny weather is still close enough to the surface of our memories to want another helping. Well for those that are ready cruise wear is coming with some great new looks from Ooh La La Couture. Everything But The Princess will begin getting early shipments of incredibly gorgeous cruise wear from Ooh La La Couture beginning in November. So head on over now and get an early sneak peek at the beautiful dresses, and outfits just perfect for that next cruise.

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Hollywood Silver Screen Wrap Dress *Preorder*Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Hollywood Silver Screen Wrap Dress *Preorder*:This Hollywood Silver Screen Wrap Dress features a Hollywood wrap style print trimmed with pink rhinestone detail and a tie on the side. It also features a gathered east layered with the Hollywood print trimmed in pink tulle. A sweet and sassy look perfect for a great holiday cruise.

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Ivory Hollywood Print Headband *Preorder*: Pair this with the Hollywood wrap dress to not only dress up your little princess’ hair but also keep it tamed on the high sea’s,

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Hollywood Sky Can Can Dress *Preorder*Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Hollywood Sky Can Can Dress *Preorder*: This Hollywood Sky Can-Can Dress has a stylish sky top star detail on the front with a gathered can-can style printed skirt on the bottom. Your little princess will feel like a Hollywood starlet in this outfit.

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Sky Blue Hollywood Print Headband *Preorder*: Pair this headband with the can-can dress to keep your little princess’ look stylish and complete!

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Hollywood Silver Screen Can Can Dress *Preorder*: Another Hollywood Silver Screen Can Can Dress, this time black on top for the girl with a little more edge to her look.

Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Denim Fringed Crop Jacket *Preorder*Ooh! La, La Couture Cruise Denim Fringed Crop Jacket *Preorder*: Pair this great Jean jacket with any of the dresses for a great look and a little extra warmth those cool nights on deck.