Huggalugs: Extend Those Short Skirt Days!

Sometimes it can be difficult to appease little princesses who want to wear their favorite skirts and dresses all year round, even when it is 30 degrees outside. So how do you get that beautiful princess dressed and out the door and ready for school when she simply refuses to change out of her favorite skirt? Toss her some Huggalugs. Huggalugs are an incredible designer way to add warmth to short skirts, dresses, and tees for girls. They come in incredible designs and are crafted by Planet Organics and LegRuffles by Elizar Clare. They add gorgeous color and patterns to any outfit. They can be used on legs and arms for extra warmth and comfort, and they look pretty great too, much better than our own version of leg warmers from our own glory days. One size fits most and they are not expensive, they are only $15 for a pair. So now you can stock up and get enough to keep your little princess changing her gorgeous and unique style everyday of the week!

Huggalugs Pink Polka Dot LeghuggersHuggalugs Pink Polka Dot Leghuggers: These adorable pink polka dot leg huggers are perfect for a gorgeous pink skirt, or to add color to a denim or black skirt. Let your princess express her style flair with endless combinations.

Huggalugs Pink & White Damask LeghuggersHuggalugs Pink & White Damask Leghuggers: Give her a flair for the dramatic with these pink and white damask leg huggers. She will love the fancy appearance and the ease with which she can create a great outfit with these incredible leg huggers.

Huggalugs Pink and Black Dance Dreams Stripe Leg RuffleHuggalugs Pink and Black Dance Dreams Stripe Leg Ruffle: Now she can add ruffles to her style repertoire. These hot pink and black ruffles are perfect for dressing up a look in need of excitement or even making your little dancer comfortable in dance class.

Huggalugs Red & White Polka DotsHuggalugs Red & White Polka Dots: Add a little holiday sparkle to your little princess’ closet. These red and white polka dot leg huggers just scream Christmas time. And now you and your little princess can enjoy this look all winter.


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