Britto: Luggage Fit for a Celebrity!

Heys USA Britto Luggage Collection is extremely popular and uber chic. It is so incredibly modern and hip that even International Model Heidi Klum keeps her daughter prepared to travel the world in style with their fantastic Butterfly Luggage Collection. Heidi and her daughter were recently spotted leaving the airport with the collection in tow. Hey USA Britto Luggage Collection wants every little girl to feel like a famous and chic jetsetter, that is why their designs focus on modern visual graphics that are exciting to look at and fun to pack. It is all about artistry, and these pieces are not just luggage they are works of art. Each piece is uniquely designed with creativity, love, and soul. The collections are incredibly colorful, vibrant, and powerful works of art that nourish the heart and soul.

Now you can find this incredible luggage collection at your favorite online boutique for all your little girls needs, Everything But The Princess. Pick any of the six gorgeous collections including the Palm Luggage Collection, A New Day Luggage Collection, Spring Love Collection, Flower Luggage Collection, Garden Luggage Collection, and the beautiful Butterfly Luggage Collection that Heidi Klum’s daughter loves. Each collection comes with the 12″ Beauty Case, the 22″ Cabin Spinner, the 26″ Spinner, and the 30″ Spinner. The collection also features a 7 year worldwide “better life” warranty. Each piece is made up of a polycarbonate composite with a high gloss finish and features a modern aluminum telescopic handle system with push button locking system for little hands to easily maneuver on their own. They are even scratch and impact resistant for those bumpy flights. This set is the best travel system for your little princess and it will grow with her and keep her ready to travel in style for many years to come!


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