Retro-Prospective: Catimini Celebrates 40 Years

Catimini 40 AnsCatimini celebrates it’s 40th anniversary with a “retro-prospective,” the process of preparing the future from the interpretation of values.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the iconic French brand Catimini created 40 dresses designed by a wealth of different designers with some even inviting the wearer to color in the design for a personal, unique touch.

The making of Catimini

Since 1972, Catimini has been promoting its imaginative creativity and establishing its atypical world. With its childhood dreams still intact, for this anniversary, Catimini returns to basics with color and travel as the focus of the collection.

Catimini Showroom Paris

Catimini Showroom Paris - 40th Anniversary Showcase

As well as 40 extraordinary dresses – to color in, admire, create – and even to eat, an exclusive ‘Retrospective 2012’ presents Catimini’s cult clothes in the very heart of Paris in their flagship store, looking back over its creative flair within the industry. Catimini is also sponsoring a mother elephant and her baby in Laos, due in 2012, with the Elefantasia association. A photo shoot of the collection was also done in Laos to combine the special line of dresses and sponsorship.

The anniversary celebrations perfectly reflect the spirit of Catimini: offbeat, creative and decidedly optimistic!

And in the spirit of that optimistic philosophy, Catimini is fulfilling childhood dreams by sponsoring a mother elephant and her baby through Laos-based Elefantasia, whose mission is to protect the Indian elephant.


40 years ago, Monique and Paul Salmon had their own vision about kids fashion:  both were bored about the unimaginative and pedestrian clothes on the kidswear market at the time.  They wanted to create kids fashion in a high-quality and individual design.  In 1972, the Catimini label was founded and this year they celebrate 40 years of high-end children’s fashion.

Catimini means individuality and fun, not boredom and kitsch.  Not even adults want to wear plain clothes; that’s why Catimini uses inspiration combined with classical fashion design.  The collection shows trends like pattern mixing and funny animal prints in sizes from newborn to 12.  The bright, refined colors, highest-quality fabrics and versatile styles have brought this brand a very loyal following, with excellent quality at a price that is remarkably decent for a luxury brand.

While many brands have entered and left the market in the past 40 years, Catimini has weathered the decades successfully by keeping up with the needs and fancies of the fashion world and winning the hearts of adults and children alike.  Catimini’s attention to detail draws acclaim, and long-lasting quality earns loyalty.

A short history of Catimini:

  • 1972 – The brand is created by Monique and Paul Salmon.The Fiat 500
  • 1987 – Catimini expands.  The brand owns 50 boutiques and is represented in 40 countries.
  • 1988 – Love at first sight.  The Fiat 500 becomes the vehicle for the brand.  Alain Thiebault uses it as an advertising tool.
  • 1990 – Catalog Summer in St. Tropez.  Catimini travel.  A group of 50 Catimini Fiats drive around stores across France and around the world.  The brand has 50 stores and operates in 40 countries.
  • 1992 – Catimini has fun.  For its 20th birthday, in a collaboration with the Catimini RoundaboutRoyal de Luxe troupe of street performers, Catimini reinvents an offbeat, full of suprirses and magical merry-go-round:  The Magic Roundabout!  An invitation to travel through time, space and your dreams in the Big Adventure of the imagination.  A smoking steamship, a giant grasshopper, a hairy caterpillar, a rocket that rises 5m into the air through the canopy…Depicted at the center of the roundabout is an animated series of imaginary professions.  The migratory bird indicator, the cloud inflator….
  • 1993 – Catimini in Paris.  The 1200 m2 showroom in a post house in Rue Martel is opened to the public.  In the form of a roguish Parisian street of the 1930’s, it features a square, a bistro, bakery, bookshop, hairdresser…and many events like carousels and ice cream stands.  1993 is also the year of Catimini’s 100th shop.
  • 1994-1998 – Catimini conquers the globe.  From Belgium to Australia, Mexico to Tahiti, Saudi Arabia to the United Kingdom…  Catimini is an international brand, owning 114 boutiques all over the world.
  • 1997 – Catimini on the Champs Elysées.  A store concept on the Champs Elysées.  A magical place built on 313m2 with a story to tell : Interior design, tableware, bathroom linen, soaps, etc… Nursery corner, reading space, living room and bathroom.
  • 1993-2003 – Catimini grows up.  With the addition of new licenses (shoes, glasses, wallpaper and bed linens), Catimini extends its world and asserts its role as a children’s specialist.
  • 2000 – Catimini plays with the big ones.  The Zannier Group merges with Y2K and becomes the worldwide leader for children’s clothing.
  • 1998 – Catimini continues the adventure!  The brand gives a new look to its boutiques through the creation of the Haussmann concept store, a whole world steeped in embroidered adventure. Catimini develops its lines, increases its annual turnover…and defies the future!
  • 2011 – Catimini meets ElefantAsia.  Catimini adopts an elephant who will be giving birth in 2012!
    In partnership with ElefantAsia, association based in Laos whose mission is to protect the Asian elephant.
  • 2012 – Catimini celebrates its anniversary.

Catimini is now 40 but still revels in childhood dreams.

Happy Birthday, Catimini!

Happy Birthday Catimini


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