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Girls’ Summer Shoe Profile

Summer is here and it’s time for some fresh toe-baring fashions.  Breathable shoes are essential in hot weather, and this season there are plenty of trends that look great and are breathable and comfortable.  Don’t forget your pedicure!

Coastal Projections Silver with Rhinestones and Fuchsia Bow thong Sandals for girls1. Thongs.  That don’t flip or flop.  Like these sparkling sandals from Coastal Projections. An ankle strap gives added support, prevents flopping and dresses up the barest of footwear for a nice-looking sandal that looks great with dresses and capris.
Pickles White Detachable Flower Squeaky Sandals for toddlers2. Squeakers. Toddlers love the noise they make while learning to walk…and run! These cute flower sandals from Pickle have removable, interchangeable flowers and give a little squeak each time she steps down.
Lemon Loves Lime Pink/Silver Seahorse Sandals for girls3. Metallics. Silver and gold, along with iridescents are the perfect match-everything without being plain white. Not only do they go with all her dresses and outfits, metallics stand out and can go from casual to dressy, day or night. This pair from Lemon Loves Lime is a cork footbed, thong style with a cute embellished seahorse on the top.
Deux Par Deux Douce Red Lipstick mary jane sneakers or skimmers for girls4. Sporty. Not mary janes, not sneakers. Often called skimmers, mary janes, ballerinas or sneakers, these breathable, canvas shoes are perfect to wear with pants and shorts in warm weather. The lightweight uppers breathe, and they can go in the wash. Wear with or without socks, for a comfortable, sporty step. Shown here: Deux par Deux Red Lipstick Ballerina Shoes.
L'amour Flip Flops5. Flip flops. Okay, they’re the staple, right? Wear to the pool, the beach, the grocery store. Flip flops maintain their popularity because they are just so darn easy to wear. Take ’em off, put ’em on. Comes in 1001 colors. But why settle for plain? These cute flip flops from L’amour Shoes have a very slight wedge heel, patent straps and a pretty flower and come in plenty of colors. Also available from L’amour: a dressier version of the patent flip flop sandal with a satin bow and stitched leather sole. Looks nice!
L'amour girls flower sandals6. Flowers. Sweet, dainty, pretty flowers. Like these simple sandals from L’amour. Velcro straps and simple one-strap-vamp design are classic; the petals and rhinestones are modern. Plus they are pretty enough to wear to a wedding or garden party. Like everything L’amour makes, they come in plenty of colors, including the traditional summer white.
Penelope Wildberry Ooh La La Couture ultra High Tops/super high tops7. Super-highs. Like these airbrushed sneakers from Penelope Wildberry for Ooh! La, la! Couture. All the airy comfort of a canvas sneaker, with a bit of extra style. Plus these ultra-high-tops have zippers on the inside for easy on and off. Whew! And they look great with skirts and shorts. She’s guaranteed a few stares and compliments with these unique kicks.
Pazitos Gold Ballet Flats, metallic ballet flats for tirls8. Ballet flats. And not just any flats, either. Plain is so…plain! How about some shine? Or flowers for your twinkle toes? Today’s ballet flats come in all the soft colors you’d expect, like baby pink and white, but they also look fantastic in metallics or decorated with sequins and flowers. Going to a wedding? How about some pink sequined flats from Coastal Projections or a pair like these pretty gold Pazitos on the left? She’ll like how easy they are to wear and to match to her wardrobe. She doesn’t even have to tie them.

No matter which style she likes best, you can get this season’s best girl’s shoe trends at

Hooray for Summer! Swimwear Selection & Care

Girl's Swimwear

Isobella & Chloe made a splash this year with it’s first ever run of girls swimwear, Ciao Bella.

Hooray!  Summer is nearly here!  And that means lazy days at the beach and trips to the pool.  Sun, sand, salt and chlorine can really take a toll on swimsuits, so it’s important to invest in a good quality suit or three that are going to make it all summer, and then take care of them!

We recommend established brands that are known for good quality.  If your child is old enough, have a conversation with her, and choose an age-appropriate swimsuit that you will both like.  In spite of all the fuss about styles on the market that are not appropriate for children or that may encourage body-image issues, there is a wide selection available of cute swimwear for girls that is both functional and age appropriate.  Both one- and two-piece suits can be great looking without being too “sexy.”  If she is participating in aquatic sports, she will need a sporty suit.  But she may also want a swimsuit that’s simply cute for hanging around the pool or on the beach.  Most girls that swim often will need more than one suit, so she can choose different styles.  Make sure the suit will be easy to get on and off (even when wet!) and think about what kind of fasteners it has so that you will be prepared to help her with ties and clips in the back if she needs it.  Suits should also be lined – it doesn’t matter how much skin it covers if you can see right through it.  Additionally, the lining gives the swimsuit extra structure and adds to durability.

Kate Mack makes infant/toddler suits with a swim diaper as the bottom piece.
Dipped in Ruffles 2pc Tankini

If there are no special considerations, a swimsuit can be chosen on looks.  If your child is tall and thin or short and stocky, a two-piece will always fit better.  Don’t be afraid to go up or down two or even three sizes – it’s important that it fits.  Two-piece suits are an excellent choice for infants and toddlers too, as it’s much easier to get swim diapers off.  Kids that are potty training will have a much easier time with a separate bottom also.  Good fit also keeps all her parts covered (!) and will actually help your swimsuit last longer.  No sagging or pulling means she will be comfortable and look great.

If she likes ruffles & bows, there are plenty of suits that will “suit” her.  Kate Mack, Ciao Bella and Frankie & Daisy are known for quality swimwear with plenty of decoration.  For the sporty girls, Deux par Deux makes darling suits with simple embellishments and a smooth profile, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada specializes in simple designs in gorgeous, eye-popping colors and Submarine’s line of unique, retro-inspired designs are sleek but definitely different.

Seafolly is another EBTP favorite.  Seafolly’s women’s line of swimwear from Australia has been around since the 70’s and boasts a very loyal following.  High quality and stylish in design, Seafolly’s suits are eminently practical while looking great, and have translated very well into smaller sizes for girls.

Now that you’ve found the perfect suit – how should you care for it?  We get this question all the time, and we’re happy to say that it’s not difficult at all.

Seafolly Beach House Singlet Bikini

Seafolly’s Singlet Bikinis have the great fit of a two-piece, but the sporty look of a one-piece.

Salt, sun, chlorine and sand really can wreak havoc with the shiny, stretchy and netty fabrics in girls swimwear.  The most important thing is not to leave these damaging elements in contact with your suit for prolonged times.  Each time you take the suit off, rinse it in fresh tap water.  We recommend looking for a sink or shower at the beach or pool, as fresh water is usually available.  Simply rinse the suit out right away to get rid of sand, salt and chlorine.  If there isn’t a fresh water source available, make sure to rinse out suits as soon as you get home, then hang them or lay them flat indoors or in the shade to dry.  UV light is hard on fabrics, and lycra/spandex is no exception.  A quick hand-wash with liquid detergent and hang it up is the simplest, easiest way to wash your swimsuit.  If you would like to machine wash it, we recommend turning it inside out to protect the outer fabric from rubbing against other items and the machine itself and using the delicate cycle.  Don’t put your swimsuit in the dryer – the heat will damage the elastic in the fabric and the straps over time, and it may become very twisted with other items and stretched out.

In order to keep your suit fresh and also make sure you have a dry suit to start with, buy more than one if you will be swimming daily or nearly so.  Suits that never get a chance to dry out will have a short life indeed.  Anyway, who doesn’t like choices?

Girls will want to play outside the water too.  Why not invest in a good coverup, flip flops and sun hat to keep her covered and comfortable when she’s not swimming?  These items make it easier to get from home to car to pool/beach, protect her from the sun, keep her from getting chilled when wet and look darling.

Love U Lots Sundress/Coverup

Love U Lots Sundress/Coverup

Flops and coverups can be cared for in the same way that the suit can, though they will not get nearly as wet.  Many companies make coverups to match their swimsuits, and some even make hats & sandals.  Keeping it all together and easy to get dressed & undressed also means less effort for you to keep everything together (!) at poolside and lessens the possibility that a stray sock or t-shirt will get left behind.  Did we mention that it looks great?

Don’t forget your sunglasses & sunscreen!

Everything But The Princess has their entire selection of Swimwear  on SALE right now!  Find age-appropriate Swimwear here.

Timeline – 8 Years of Fashion Love

Let’s take a trip in the Wayback Machine, shall we?  Goodness, it’s been a great trip, hasn’t it?


Only the best for our little princesses

A 2006 homepage message. EBTP had cute sayings and messages throughout the pages.

“Well, how it all started is me being an obsessed mom,” says Deanna Stewart, proprietor of Everything But The Princess.  She was shopping online for European fashions from stores all over Europe, because 13 years ago, there really wasn’t that much in the USA.  At that time, more European brands, particularly French and Dutch brands, were beginning to export to the US, exposing mothers of young children in the states to a different design sensibility.  In 2004, with her last little one off to school, Ms. Stewart found herself wondering what to do with her time.  She had a degree in business and finance, but living in a rural area found work in her field limited.  Lucky for us, because she also had a love for fashion.

Everything But The PrincessA friend said, “You know more about these designers and European clothing than anyone I know.  You should open a store.”  Deanna wonders what gave her the guts to think she could pull it off, but she thought, “what the heck?  Why not?”  She had empty days with the kids now at school all day long, so she simply opened a website and ordered a dozen of her favorite brands.  Deanna and her friend brainstormed ideas for a name.  The concept at the time was one store that had the clothes, the shoes, the hair bows, all in one place.  Deanna was tired of scouring the internet for items to complete an outfit.  She wanted a one-stop shop where busy moms could get the whole look without spending countless hours on Google, tracking items down and spending a fortune in shipping to get it.  That was the vision – “a princess closet,” everything but the child.  Then the name Everything But The Princess came into being.  “It’s too long,” her husband warned, but that’s Deanna.  She did it anyway.  And it may be long, but it really describes her concept to a T:  Everything – but the princess.  It was the store she was dreaming of, with everything she needed in one place.

One stop princess shop

Greggy Girl

2005: Boucle was all the rage, rhinestones were in, and handpainted bell bottoms were a playtime favorite.

That first season, under the slogan “Only the best for our little princesses,” Everything But The Princess offered Baby Gassy Gooma, Baby Nay, Biscotti, Cakewalk, Chatti Patti, Greggy Girl, Indygo, Katanda, Kate Mack, Keedo, Lillian Grace, Meli Meli, Mim Pi, Room Seven, and Shilav.  She never dreamed that Everything But The Princess would be more than a hobby to keep her busy while the kids were gone all day.  Each season, she added another two or three brands, and over time, the little shop grew.  Deanna relished spending the day talking with people who shared the same passion for fashion, particularly European designs, that she did.  She had nobody else who care about this stuff in her life, so it was “awesome to chat with ladies who were actually excited about clothes.”  She laughs that her circle was ready to have her committed for spending so much money on a toddler.  The just didn’t understand her love of quality, of design, of uniqueness.

That special something that brings art to the everyday in the form of design.  Everything But The Princess not only filled her time with something she enjoyed, but it opened up a great network of like-minded women to work with on a daily basis.  It brought her family together on the project too, with the kids (Amanda and Katie) and her loving husband Ray working alongside her, steaming dresses, putting things on hangers.  “They really helped me to accomplish my dream,” she remembers.

If they could only stay small a little while longer

This became one of the shop’s favorite slogans, right from the beginning.

By the time Everything But The Princess had been in business 5 years, this little shop was really expanding.  Deanna had discovered that she wasn’t alone in her desires, and a dozen brands were being added each year.  More gifts, shoes, hair accessories were added, broadening their selection significantly and keeping EBTP on track as the one-stop-shop that Deanna had envisioned.  Sales grew, as did repeat business from around the world, with a large international following.

Inevitably, as will happen, Deanna Stewart became a grandmother.  “She really doesn’t seem old enough to be a grandma,” a friend laughs, “she’s just too stylish!”  As the grandmother-to-be of a little boy, she went looking for a gift.  Finding a similar drought of acceptable [to her taste] items for boys, she did what any entrepreneur grandma would do:  she opened a boy’s shop.

the Little King Boutique

In 2005, The Little King Boutique opened.

In 2010, The Little King Boutique opened, with an equally long but descriptive name.  A haven for those shopping for boys and looking for something that’s just a little different than the pablum usually served up for little boys.  Something interesting, for goodness sake.  Something you’ll be proud to see him in.  Something that shows you care what he looks like.  The Little King Boutique follows the same principle as the girls’ shop.  What Deanna found was that just as looking great is good for little girls’ self-esteem – it’s good for boys too.  As before, her “why not?” thinking brought a crowd of like-minded shoppers to her little treehouse on the internet.

In 2011, Everything But The Princess opened its first brick-and-mortar store, a little boutique in Delta Junction, Alaska, Deanna’s hometown.  Yes, of course it was pink.  Bright pink.  “It’s a cheerful environment to work in, and it’s nice that our local fans can come to see us in person,” says an employee.  Can’t get to Alaska?  That’s just fine.  Everything But The Princess still has the friendliest personal service on the internet.  “It’s just like being there,” says a regular customer from California.  “You can ask for advice, get measurements, even get recommendations for accessories!”  The internet has brought the world closer together.  It’s allowed a small-town dream to become a reality for one style-obsessed mom. Today, Everything But The Princess has gone from a teeny hobby store to a 1500 square foot boutique and 5 online employees to serve you best.  Each of these employees takes pride in the business and genuinely cares about customers.  No matter how big they get, it’s this personal attention that will continue to win the loyalty of their customers – in Alaska and around the world.

Deanna Stewart welcomes you to share her Fashion Love, for boys and girls, at her online shops: and www.TheLittleKing

The new boutique

Unpacking first shipments into the new boutique – Wow! You have a lot of work to do!

Deanna and Amanda in the freshly-painted boutique.

~ Because they’re not just clothes, They’re memories. ~

Dress up for Patriotic Holidays

4th of July Face PaintIn America, our patriotic holidays are a time to gather together and celebrate some of the people, ideas and events that make our country special and bring our hearts close to home.  Even on Memorial Day, a justly somber holiday, we do celebrate the lives and sacrifices of our soldiers.  Nationwide, parades, parties and family gatherings are held, bringing us close with our friends, family and neighbors to share our pride at being Americans.

What better way to show your love for your country than dressing the part?  Why not get into the spirit with special accessories, a patriotic looking outfit or even face paint?  Every time I see a sweet little child walking down the parade route, waving a flag, dressed in red, white and blue – it just makes me feel good.  And since our holidays coincide with good weather and vacations from school and work, it’s the perfect opportunity to sport a red, white and blue swimsuit, sunhat or clam diggers.

Patriotic Swimsuits

Deux par Deux Mimi Les Swimsuit

Item #1:  The Red, White & Blue Swimsuit

Memorial Day, 4th of July/Independence Day and Labor Day – all great swimming holidays!  Playing in the sprinklers, poolside or at the beach, kids look dandy decked out in patriotic and nautical styles.  Red, White & Blue just says SUMMER!  Like the Mimi Les 2pc Swimsuit from Deux par Deux.  Any red, white or blue suit can fit the bill, and sailor styles are especially cute on summer holidays.  Even a solid colored suit is great, and you can accessories with stars & stripes flip flops or a cute hat.  Which leads me to…




Brums Wicker Hat

Brums Wicker Hat

Item #2:  A Cute Hat

Well, it’s sunny, right?  Gotta have a great hat to keep the sun off tender cheeks.  Might as well look fantastic in the bargain.  For example, the Red & White Trimmed Wicker Hat from Brums.  Fedoras are all the rage at the moment, and no wonder!  This lightweight summer hat shades her face and looks completely cute.  A simple red & white hatband matches any patriotic outfit and goes through summer looking cheery and fresh.

Item #3:  Accessories

Any cute decoration will do.  Like this cute wicker basket purse, also from Brums.  She can carry her sunscreen & lip balm, a snack…or maybe other beachy take-alongs.  What about cute hairthings, socks, sandals and jewelry?  And let’s not forget the face paint.  If it’s not already a family tradition, try face painting for sunny holidays.  The kids love it and it’s so festive!  We like the Klutz Face Painting book, for quality paints and easy instructions.  Free-hand a star, flag or other design on cheeks or make fake tattoos.  Just make it fun!

Brums Wicker Basket Purse

Brums Wicker Basket Purse

Patriotic Face Paint

Patriotic Face Paint










Item #4:  Red, White & Blue Outfits

All-American.  Gingham picnic checks, stripes, solid colorblocks.  There are a huge amount of choices.  Don’t wanna go all-flag-all-the-time?  How about Gingham or nautical outfits?  Still looks crisp and fresh, and they are more versatile.  Then really go for it with the accessories.  Want a more patriotic look? How about the

Miss Me American Flag Bermudas or the Twirls & Twigs Firecracker outfits.

Mayoral Gingham Tie Shirt

Mayoral Gingham Tie Shirt

Twirls & Twigs Firecracker Outfits

Twirls & Twigs Firecracker Outfits












Item #5: Bling

Yep, like majorette bling. Girls just look SO cute in sparkly accessories & outfits-and they love to look the part. Put together a costume for the day, like these sparkling ruffle shorts from Twirl & Co. Twirl & Co. also makes the cutest sequined berets to match, and Everything But The Princess has a large selection of headbands, hair clips and hats to outfit your little majorette for parades and parties.

Blingy Bow Accessories

Reema Designs Sequined Bow Headband

Twirl Royal Blue Sequin Tulle Ruffled Shorts

Twirl & Co. Sequined Ruffled Shorts

Dressing up for patriotic holidays is a sure way to have a great time.  However you do it, express your personal style!

Buying is Giving

Persnickety’s charitable sewing program

Persnickety Donates One for One

Nicaraguan girls in new Persnickety dresses

Persnickety is…well, persnickety about a few things.  For one thing, they really are fussy about making a beautiful product.  Everything Persnickety produces is quality made from the design and fabric choices to the final details and photography.  But they also have had a dream since the inception of their wholesale clothing business to just do something good for someone else.  To make the world a little bit better place by sharing their skills with those who would benefit from them.  And that produced the buy-one-give-one program.

It’s pretty simple really:  you buy one, they give one.  Following the example of Blake Mycoskie and the One for One Movement of Toms Shoes, Persnickety creators Corinne and Craig Rickenbach committed right from the beginning to donate a portion of profits from each sale to producing clothing to donate to children in need.

Cause for Hope NicaraguaHow do you make a dream like that a reality?  You just have to believe in what family friend Jenni Wilson calls “your own genius.”  (Jenni and her husband, Mike, went this year with the Rickenbachs to Nicaragua to distribute clothing and school uniforms.)  And it really is genius.  Simply put, Persnickety uses a portion of their profits to make dresses, school uniforms and other clothing for needy children in South America.  You buy one, they give one.

Humble Beginnings

Corinne Rickenbach started Persnickety like most children’s designers – making lovely things for her own children.  Everyone loved them so much, she started making extras and taking them to a local farmer’s market to sell.  Corinne’s unique designs captivated shoppers, and she started selling them at very

successful home parties.  How could folks not love the purely fun designs of Persnickety?  It was a short hop to wholesale and their first market in New York.

The Buying is Giving program makes an impact on people’s lives in many wonderful ways.  Children feel good about themselves when they know they look good.  A nice, new dress can change your whole outlook, right?  Persnickety sews simple dresses in pretty fabrics to bring to needy children in orphanages and schools.  And Corinne and Craig, along with friends and associates, deliver them in person.  In addition to cute dresses, Persnickety also donates school uniforms, making school more affordable – even reachable – for some children who otherwise couldn’t go to school.

Corinne and Craig Rickenbach

Corinne and Craig Rickenbach

Persnickety works through the Cause for Hope organization in Nicaragua.  Cause for Hope helps Persnickety find buyers and sewers in Nicaragua, which helps the local economy.  The second part of Buying is Giving is producing the clothing in or near the communities that are benefiting from the program.  This provides employment for sewers and income potential that’s greater than in larger factories.  Not only that, but it also reduces the cost and

environmental impact of distribution.  Creating local, cottage industry businesses supports and sustains families.

The third way this amazing program gives back is by providing food for impoverished children and their families and supporting orphanages.

What can you do?  Buy one, of course!

Persnickety at a New York market


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