Buying is Giving

Persnickety’s charitable sewing program

Persnickety Donates One for One

Nicaraguan girls in new Persnickety dresses

Persnickety is…well, persnickety about a few things.  For one thing, they really are fussy about making a beautiful product.  Everything Persnickety produces is quality made from the design and fabric choices to the final details and photography.  But they also have had a dream since the inception of their wholesale clothing business to just do something good for someone else.  To make the world a little bit better place by sharing their skills with those who would benefit from them.  And that produced the buy-one-give-one program.

It’s pretty simple really:  you buy one, they give one.  Following the example of Blake Mycoskie and the One for One Movement of Toms Shoes, Persnickety creators Corinne and Craig Rickenbach committed right from the beginning to donate a portion of profits from each sale to producing clothing to donate to children in need.

Cause for Hope NicaraguaHow do you make a dream like that a reality?  You just have to believe in what family friend Jenni Wilson calls “your own genius.”  (Jenni and her husband, Mike, went this year with the Rickenbachs to Nicaragua to distribute clothing and school uniforms.)  And it really is genius.  Simply put, Persnickety uses a portion of their profits to make dresses, school uniforms and other clothing for needy children in South America.  You buy one, they give one.

Humble Beginnings

Corinne Rickenbach started Persnickety like most children’s designers – making lovely things for her own children.  Everyone loved them so much, she started making extras and taking them to a local farmer’s market to sell.  Corinne’s unique designs captivated shoppers, and she started selling them at very

successful home parties.  How could folks not love the purely fun designs of Persnickety?  It was a short hop to wholesale and their first market in New York.

The Buying is Giving program makes an impact on people’s lives in many wonderful ways.  Children feel good about themselves when they know they look good.  A nice, new dress can change your whole outlook, right?  Persnickety sews simple dresses in pretty fabrics to bring to needy children in orphanages and schools.  And Corinne and Craig, along with friends and associates, deliver them in person.  In addition to cute dresses, Persnickety also donates school uniforms, making school more affordable – even reachable – for some children who otherwise couldn’t go to school.

Corinne and Craig Rickenbach

Corinne and Craig Rickenbach

Persnickety works through the Cause for Hope organization in Nicaragua.  Cause for Hope helps Persnickety find buyers and sewers in Nicaragua, which helps the local economy.  The second part of Buying is Giving is producing the clothing in or near the communities that are benefiting from the program.  This provides employment for sewers and income potential that’s greater than in larger factories.  Not only that, but it also reduces the cost and

environmental impact of distribution.  Creating local, cottage industry businesses supports and sustains families.

The third way this amazing program gives back is by providing food for impoverished children and their families and supporting orphanages.

What can you do?  Buy one, of course!

Persnickety at a New York market


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  1. Love your article and thanks for including links! We took our first trip with the Rickenbachs in the spring of 2009, I believe. It’s been such a fun journey! It’s exciting to be able to help those in need around the world. Sometimes you can do service in other countries ourselves, but sometimes we can’t do that ourselves. But we can find those who are doing good works and support them financially or in other ways. There are plenty of ways we can change the world just by serving in our own communities as well. We all have strengths and talents we can share to help people and make the world a better place, even if it’s in our own neighborhood or family. That’s just as valuable 🙂 ~Jenni Wilson

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