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The Rebirth of Trish Scully

Trish Scully Child - Glamour for GirlsForgot about Trish Scully? We didn’t think so. Imagine our joy at seeing the new, just as good as ever, Trish Scully Child at market. It’s just like you remember it, with timeless, detailed styles, quality materials and the unique flair that makes Trish Scully’s designs memorable. After a refreshing few years off, Trish Scully is back with an exciting new collection that reflects the same value and tradition as before, with a nod to European style and a fresh new flair that we think you’re going to really like.  Not to mention affordable prices that you could really start to appreciate.

Trish Scully Child Floral Fantasy Princess Dress

Trish Scully Child Floral Fantasy Princess Dress

If you’re not familiar with Trish Scully, then you’re in for a treat.  This beautiful line excels with dresses and outfits for special days that are fanciful, unique and pretty.  Girls will look beautiful in these pieces, and they’ll feel comfortable too.  The casual pieces also included with each color story are high quality and easy to wear.  Trish Scully Child’s beautiful line in sizes newborn through 6X features groups like Dot to Dot, Retro Rags and Oui Oui Paris and will also include holiday groups like 2012’s Candy Cane and Posh Velvet.

Trish Scully’s introductory 2012 spring line added “Child” to the brand name for the relaunch.  Ms. Scully has been designing for more than a decade, with creative inspiration from many sources, including her own children and her background in formal fashion design for women.  With a solid tradition of quality and unique style, Trish Scully reemerges with a refocused view of today’s priorities.  “The brand is now better priced for the economic needs of specialty retailers and their customers, but with distinctive finishing touches and detailing that buyers remembered and still want,” Scully says.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Henleys and Lace Ruffle Front Cardigan Sweater

Trish Scully Child
Henleys and Lace Ruffle Front Cardigan

This fall, we are pleased to feature a variety of styles from the Trish Scully Child collection including dresses, blouses and tops, skirts, pleated dresses and even blazers and coats for girls.  Lush fabrics, pretty accents and other nice details like lace and ruffles will be sure to attract a lot of attention to this next season.  This is a brand that allows girls to feel like princesses, and mothers to feel like queens.  We are so glad to see Trish Scully Child on our racks and are anxiously awaiting to see what wonders Trish Scully will design next.

That’s why Trish Scully really is Everyday Glamour for Girls.

View the fall preview HERE.